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2019 iPhones Could Get New Antenna Technology To Improve Indoor Navigation

A well-renowned analyst King-Chi Kuo has shared a new report recently and for this time the report is related to the iPhone lineup of this year.

According to the contacted man, the 2019 Apple iPhones are showcasing a major change in the way the antennas are put together and for that thanks to a change in suppliers as well as the technology that is being used in the process.

Modified-PI Antenna in 2019 iPhones

2019 iPhones

Kuo says that the 2019 iPhones will take advantage of a new modified-PI antenna, which is something that we already have heard before. A quite similar report was also shared back in November of the previous year and Kuo is sharing the same information again.

The move towards the modified-PI antenna will have many benefits for Apple in terms of both cost and improvements to the methods of production. Users will not be able to find any difference but with all the updates being for Apple this time around.

It is also notified by Kuo that the current supplier of Apple will no longer be helpful in the production of iPhone this year, thanks at least in some part to the change in the setups of manufacturing. The company is also losing its deal to work on iPads and Apple Watches and this is what surely a blow to the company.

Finally, Kuo believes that shipments of iPhone across the second half of 2019 will not see any growth over the previous year but it does not mean that it will shrink. The news that 2020 iPhones will likely to include 5G modems will be of more interest to users, although, with Samsung and Qualcomm being involved in the production.

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