71% Of Higher Education Students Would Prefer To Use A Mac, Says New Research

Most of the school and college students would get a Mac if they could bear the cost of one, as indicated by a new survey from gadget management firm Jamf.


As indicated by the consequences of the survey, which covered 2,244 people crosswise 5 different countries, 71% of students would prefer to use a Mac regardless of the fact that 60% of students really used a Windows PC. Of those people using a PC, 51% said that they would change to a Mac if the cost wasn’t a problem for them.

The survey from market research firm Vanson Bourne, charged by Jamf, found that 2/3 (67%) of students today state they are more likely to pick or remain at an organization that offers them a decision in work computer – and 71% of students either use or might want to use Mac if upfront value were not a consideration.

As per the Mac users who were addressed, they believed that their PCs were “increasingly secure” and better for profitability uses, which is significant when you are in higher education settings. However, the outcomes would suggest that value keeps on to be a barrier for a lot of people who would try a Mac as their computer.


Getting an entry-level Mac is not a simple thing, with the current least expensive notebook being the $1199 MacBook Air. That’s a huge amount of cash contrasted to the plethora of sub-$500 notebooks that are accessible with Windows on them, and it appears Apple is glad to cede that ground. While there are frequently discounts running on some of Apple’s older items, they still have a long way to go before they can contend on cost.

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Obviously, many would propose that the capabilities and services accessible via a Mac is worth the premium, yet none of that truly matters if you don’t have the cash-in-hand.