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Add Bling Effect In TikTok – TikTok Tips & Tricks

We live in an era of filters. Introduced for the first time by Snapchat, popularized by Instagram and now widely used on TikTok, filters define communication on social networks and the presence of many Internet users.

There are countless filters, really. There are those who can make you laugh, those who can make you cry, and many others. At TikTok, the filter that makes you look shiny is very popular right now. Here we show you how to add the bling effect on TikTok.

Add an effect

Before continuing to add the glitter effect to your TikTok content, you must first make sure that your application is up to date. Go to the respective store app on your device, search for TikTok in the list, and see if there is an upgrade option. Otherwise, it is very likely that your request is up to date.

Add Bling Effect In TikTok

Now launch the TikTok app by tapping on its icon on your device’s desktop. Once the application is running, navigate, and tap the Plus icon. This will take you to the screen to create a new video or image.

At the bottom of the screen, on the left, you will find the Effects icon. Touch that. If it’s not in the Beauty tab, go ahead. Then scroll down until you reach “Bling”, a silver filter. Now tap on it and the filter will apply. You can find a different filter called “Bling” which is pink. Instead of brilliant diamonds, this filter has hearts. Choose the one you prefer and use it for your TikTok content.

Use a 3rd party app:

There is a long way to go to the sparkling effect on TikTok. This does not imply the installation of a new filter package. No, this application will give you this brightness, it will allow you to save the photo on your phone and then upload it to TikTok.

First of all, the Kirakira + app is not free. But it’s certainly not too expensive either. It allows you to use the brightness filter and several other new options that can make your photos and videos brighter. Then after taking a photo or video using this app, please edit them according to your preferences and save them to your device. Then just open the TikTok app and add the photo/video from your device’s filmstrip.

The good thing about using this app is that it is very unique. The scintillating effect is available on TikTok, but the difference between the TikTok filter and the options available with Kirakira + is clearly noticeable. Give it a try and you will see people come to you and ask you how to get that shiny effect in your content.

Other Cool TikTok filters

Yes, the glitter effect is quite clean and popular. However, there are several other filters and effects available on TikTok that are currently in vogue. Why is it essential to follow them on TikTok? Because this social application aims to follow trends. It’s like that. Anyway, here is a cool little list of other popular filters to use.


It’s a great filter that practically lets you choose the style of your recorded video. It allows you to highlight important parts of your photos, videos, as well as add various effects, music, and even crop videos.


Once you get used to using BeeCut, you will start to wonder how you ever got to use TikTokvideo. This neat tool offers you a wide variety of different video effects. While these effects are more than decent, that’s not all that BeeCut does. It allows you to add overlays, change proportions, crop videos, etc.


Yes, the essence of social applications like TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat is to provide short, concise content so that others can see it. However, you may want to create an unlimited video while being able to edit it. Unlike most video editors, VideoShow has no video duration limit. You can also use this program to split, merge, edit, rotate, duplicate, blur, and zoom your videos. Lots of useful tools in one place.

Video library

If simplicity is what you are looking for, don’t worry, Videoshop is there. This application is as simple as possible. It gives you the ability to add music, subtitles, various sound effects, and adjust the speed of the video.

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There are two ways to add the glitter effect to your TikTok videos. The easiest way is to find the glow effect from the list of effects. The most complicated method is to download a separate effects app. Whichever path you take, you now know how to add the sparkling effect to your videos.

Which method did you choose? How about the new scintillating effect on your TikTok content? Do you know of another way to achieve this effect? Don’t be a stranger! Contact us in the comments section below and feel free to ask questions related to TikTok.