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Watch Amazon Prime Video With Chromecast

Watch Amazon Prime Video With Chromecast

If you are an Amazon customer, you will know that with the Premium subscription for which you pay 19.95 euros per year, we can enjoy many advantages related to the purchase and shipping of products from your store. And not only that but now we can access the entire streaming content catalog of your Amazon Prime Video platform from any of our devices.

Including its original series, among which are some award at the Golden Globes as Mozart In The Jungle, or the expected return of Top Gear in the form of The Grand Tour. Well, one of the details that Amazon does not tell us when detailing the benefits of Prime Video is that it is not compatible with Google’s Chromecast, one of the preferred accessories for streaming on our television.

Watch Amazon Prime Video With Chromecast

This guide assumes you’re already using a Chromecast or Android TV and connected it to your TV and local area network. You also need a computer that is connected to the same network. Microsoft Windows and MacOS are fine, but you need to use Google’s Chrome browser. If you have a Chromebook or other device with Chrome OS, that’s okay.

How To Cast:

Turn on your computer and open Chrome. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the browser and select the “Cast” option. If your Chromecast or Android TV device is already configured, no further steps are required. The extension automatically detects all Cast-compatible devices connected to your local area network. You can select the device to which you want to convert.

Start Casting:

Now you can start. Go to Amazon Instant Video and select a movie or TV show in your library. If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, select a video that is included in Prime. Make sure your TV is turned on and your Chromecast or Android TV is connected. Click the Cast icon in the corner of your browser and then click a Chromecast device or Android TV. Video and audio of the tab will be displayed on your TV. Click Play, and you can sit back and enjoy your video on the big screen.

Start Casting

The Cast button contains some options that you might want to consider. Transmission quality is up to 1080p, but it depends on the quality of your Internet connection and the speed of your Chromecast or Android TV. You can mute or mute the sound with the volume key. However, there is no way to change the volume. You must set it with the remote control of your TV.

The Google Cast extension can launch any tab with any content, so that almost every web video works, not just Amazon. When you’re done, just close the tab or click on the cast icon and then “Stop casting” to end the session.


This solution works to get Amazon Instant Video on your Chromecast or Android TV, but is less ideal than a dedicated application. As mentioned before, the quality of the video is 1080p. This is unfortunate because many Amazon videos are available in 4K, as long as your internet connection, TV or transmission box supports it. Even at the lowest resolution, the bitrate is significantly lower than you are used to. This results in more video artifacts, additional pixel formation, lower audio quality and sometimes complete signal outages.

Casting a laptop can be expensive because you need to change the charging cable regularly. If you are using a desktop computer, this is not a problem, but it annoys the video when you are in another room because you can not pause the playback or use the remote control of your TV to search for a particular section: Everything It must be done in Chrome itself. (In this case, you should use Chrome Remote Desktop as a kind of improvised remote control).

Hopefully, Amazon will provide its Android Instant Video application with official casting capabilities, and it will also provide a true solution for Android TV … but that does not seem likely at the time. Without an Amazon-compatible device such as Fire TV, Roku Streaming Stick +, TiVo Bolt, Smart TV, Blu-ray player, or game console, the transfer buttons in Chrome are the best option.

Alternate Way to Watch Amazon Prime Video With Chromecast:

While on our computer from the Chrome browser we can always send the video that is currently playing on the web to Chromecast, it is not so easy to do it on our mobile phone. And it is that from the own application of Prime Video that we can download from the stores of applications there is not the characteristic button that allows us to send contents to Chromecast, so we must use an alternative way.

This alternative way is present in the Chromecast itself, and we can access it from the Google Home application itself that we can download on both Android and iOS. Once installed, the first thing to do is go to the drop-down menu that appears on the left side of the screen. Click on the send screen or audio button. Another screen will appear in which we will have to select the Chromecast to which we want to send the video.

Amazon Prime Video

Once we select our Chromecast we will automatically see our mobile screen on the television. Now we just have to go to Prime Video to start the reproduction of the content we want. At that time, the vertical orientation will change to horizontal to show the full screen or series of Amazon Prime Video that we have chosen to see. The only drawback of this process is that being a mirror of our mobile if we turn off the screen this will stop watching on the TV. For this, the best thing is to let the content with the brightness at minimum reproduce on the screen of our mobile phone.

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