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Apple Music Hits 40 Million Downloads On Android in Best Quarter to Date

It is only an affair these days that Apple music is far from Apple devices, and it is surprisingly popular on Android. According to Sensor tower’s new data, the Apple Music app has been downloaded from the Google Play Store more than 40 million times around the world.


The numbers show that Apple Music will be installed on 3.8 million Android devices by the time Q1 2019 draws to a close. It is an increase in 3.3 million from the previous quarter and a massive increase of 65% year-over-year.

In the world of Android in some time Apple Music has steadily been gaining traction. Now it’s on course for its best quarter for installs.

Our estimates show that, following a steady quarter-over-quarter decline in new users for Apple Music on Android beginning in 4Q17 and continuing through 2Q18, the app has grown new users sequentially between 2Q18 and 4Q18, with 1Q19 on track to top all previous quarters. New users of the app in 4Q18 were up 43 percent over 1Q18, and we project that 1Q19 installs will total 3.8 million for a year-over-year increase of 65 percent.


Google Play users in the United States account for approximately 28% of all Apple Music for Android installs to date, In India about 7% to the total. Great Britain 6%, Brazil 5%, and Russia 5% out the app’s 5 largest markets installed.

In Fall 2015 Apple Music hit the Google Play Store and after a few months, it first arrived on Apple devices. After that it received regular updates and recently added support for Chromebooks, it’s something that we never thought that we’d see from Apple.

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Apple is in so much competition with Google Play Store and it’s very impressive to see Apple Music is doing so well in what most of the others would have expected to be.