Crunchyroll: How to Watch Videos Offline?

Watch Crunchyroll offline

Crunchyroll is referred to as the Netflix of Anime. Or, you can say its the Otaku’s Netflix. Without any doubt, Crunchyroll is the biggest Anime streaming hub in the world. It is a subscription-based service where users have to pay monthly. Crunchyroll is the American Company and key content on this app and website is … Read more

Spotify: How to Fix ‘App Failed to Migrate Some of Your Data’

Fix Spotify Failed to Migrate Some of Your Data

Spotify is the biggest source of playing audio music in the world. It is the subscription-based service that lets you play the official, unofficial, covers and remix tracks. Spotify is the plethora of features and we can’t even suggest you the best alternative to Spotify. Every software has a certain minimum requirement of hardware. If … Read more

How to Add Emoji in Slack Chat

Add Emoji in Slack

Emoji are not just a smiley or sticker they are turning into the world’s most successful language. Every emoji has its own emoji and one single emoji can change the whole meaning of the sentence. Approximately every person who uses texting conversation as the way of communication uses the emoji. These smilies and stickers make … Read more

Visual Studio: How to change Theme

How to Change Theme in Visual Studio

Are you trying to find out the way to change the theme in Visual Studio? Fortunately, you reached the right destination. Here, we will guide Visual Studio users on how to change Theme in VS. Also, we have written some useful general guides of VS Studio in Offtopic. This article worths to be read. First, … Read more

How to Turn Off Notifications on Wish App & Website

Turn Off Notifications on Wish App

The notifications come handy when you are professional and you have a deal with important emails and texts. Otherwise, notifications and alerts are the most annoying things ever. Just imagine your phone barking nonstop notification beep sounds and you just slept. Surely you will get hyper due to that crap sound. So it’s better to … Read more

Is TikTok becoming the New Instagram?

TikTok Becoming New Instagram

Tik Tok and Instagram are pretty the same if we compare the content on them. Although Instagram has billion of users, alongside TikTok is giving a tough time to Insta with 1.5 Billion users all around the world. TikTok got merged with Musically who was a popular app at its time. Let’s Start the Comparison … Read more

How to Change Phone Number in Zelle

Change Number in Zelle

Zelle is not a wide and comprehensive network like Payoneer and PayPal. Although it is also an online fund transfer service that is linked with your bank, it has some serious restrictions with limited editing options. We can’t say that Zelle online services are user-friendly. Zelle app is compatible with more than 30 top Banks … Read more

Get Your Snapchat Streak Back through this guide

Recover your Lost Snapchat Streak

Snapchat Streak is as important as the relationships these days. This feature of Snapchat got stuck in the mind of Snapchat users. Basically Snapchat streak is the exchange of Snaps with friends or friends on daily bases. Both communicators and communicatee have to share atleast 1 snap-in 24 hours. If you missed a single day, … Read more

How to Turn off Sound in Quickbooks

Turn Sound Off in Quickbooks

Sound notifications are maybe good for important messages or emails. But, when we are getting continuous notifications while using phones or PCs their tones are really irritating. Especially when the software is like Quickbooks than obviously its notification sound will come on every entry. This thing is really annoying for users and sitting nearby persons. … Read more