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12 PUBG Wallpapers in Full HD for PC and Phone

The rapid popularity of PUBG that stand for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds continues to grow day by day. This battle royale game has sold over 50million copies and the game also has seen one hundred million plus downloads at the Play Store. If we start to add a number from all platforms that it will become approximately 400 million players, those are pretty huge numbers.

PUBG has completely redefined the language of play and it also has brought a completely new aspect of multiplayer games, especially for the Android platform. And this year, it is expected that the game will bring in even higher numbers and it is also that the game will get better with time.

Few days before, the developers of PUBG has released some new wallpapers to welcome the new year. So, this gave us an idea to list down the best wallpapers and we worked on this idea as you can see in this article that we have prepared a list of 12 PUBG Wallpapers in Full HD for PC and Phone that you can surely use to show your likeness for this game.

12 PUBG Wallpapers in Full HD for PC and Phone

12 PUBG Wallpapers in Full HD for PC and Phone

Since PUBG has created a buzz around the world and many people have started taking part in this battle royal game, and several PUBG geeks need to set the simplest PUBG Wallpaper HD on mobile and computer for their device to look charming. By taking this into account we’ve got collected a number of the best HD wallpaper of PUBG that you’ll preview and download best PUBG HD wallpaper to set on your Android, iPhone, Tablet, and laptop.

Whether you would like download cool, savage, or cute girl PUBG HD wallpaper for your smartphone or computer, we’ve got done a lot of efforts to get all sort of best PUBG HD wallpapers that may add a luring effect on your device. we have tried to give some fascinating and trending PUBG Wallpapers HD to refill you would like. So, while not wasting longer, let’s get the simplest PUBG background for free of charge for your mobile or PC.

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1. The Red Sunset

The Red Sunset

Did you ever notice that the mobile gameplay is quite different from the Xbox or PC version? Through mobile version you can see the flight path and drop location this is something you will not be able to do in PC. Other than that, the mobile version weights 77MB whereas the PC version takes up to 15GB of space.

Click here to download in full resolution

2. Calling … Calling

Calling … Calling

In a yellow field against a pale blue sky, the deep rich crimson smoke stands out in sharp contrast. If you are looking for wallpapers in contrasting shades, this one is your perfect shot for you to go with.

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3. And it Starts!

And it Starts

PUBG is so insanely addictive game that a few months ago, a teenager in Bangaluru was treated for PUBG addiction. So, the addiction of this game is real and its high time we all played (or browsed social media) a little more responsibly.

As games becoming more gripping, it is even more difficult than ever to put down the phone and focus on the business at hand. If you think you have been in a similar situation, then need to get involved in some other useful activities to fight this addiction.

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4. Look Back

Look Back

The best thing about PUBG Mobile is that you can even play this game on Android devices with mid-range hardware. And if we take into account the premium phones, the game can run on a whopping 60fps (frames per second). Now, this is something cool, I’d say!

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5. Gear Up

Gear Up

The clothing choice for the character also plays an important role in its survival. After all, a ghillie suit offers you better chances of camouflage instead of a flaming red suit.

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6. Battleground


If you really like digitally recreated images. If yes, then you are in luck, for this image in yellow and orange. This will surely enhance your PC’s looks. Ans did you know that orange is the color known to evoke enthusiasm and excitement?

Click here to download in full resolution

7. The Big Bug

The Big Bug

You might know that the buggy in PUBG is a rear-wheel-drive. It’s game over if the rear wheel is blown away unless you are as fast as The Flash.

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8. Welcome!


Without any doubt, Parachuting is now a PUBG signature. The PS4 variant allows gamers to enter with PlayStation-themed parachute. Now, this is something really cool. 🙂

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9. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Although the term ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ is now synonymous with PUBG, it has been in use since the days of ARMA 2 DayZ Battle Royale, which is another survival game.

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10. Something In Grey

Something In Grey

A steel grey background and a man ready to fire — that means business. Nothing can capture the essence of this adrenaline pumping game as this image is capturing. If you are looking for mobile backgrounds in darker colors, then you need to click on the link below.

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11. Lost


You might think that what is the best thing about these wheat fields? This is a place where you can’t be easily tracked. There is a new map named Vikendi that will feature snow. This means if you’re not too careful, you’ll be leading the enemy straight to you.

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12. Winter Has Arrived

Winter Has Arrived

This is one of the official wallpapers that PUBG Mobile has released on Twitter. Click on the link below to be redirected to their Twitter profile. To download, you need to tap on the three-dot icon and hit Save. It quite simple, right?

Click here to download in full resolution

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Wrapping up

The only principle of this game is to survive and take the chicken dinner home. What type of player you are? Are you the calculative strategist who first scans the area, checks for the enemy and then wins for the final shot?

So, what are your thoughts on PUBG? Do let us know in the comment section.

Till then give you phones and PC a new look with the help of these amazing wallpapers as we will be back soon with another interesting topic to share with you.

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