Bypass Torrent Blocking by your ISP [ Tips ]

Right now, there is a world war against torrents right now. Copyright holders and content creators are doing everything they can to shut down access to websites that host torrent. Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are under pressure and blocking all torrent activities.

In a world that no longer needs to be a pirate, blocking illegal downloads of copyrighted works should certainly stop. However, the torrent block act which can also have legitimate purposes is not the right way to do it.

Torrents are often linked to piracy, bandwidth, and legal action. And this is the reason it is quite common for universities and offices to block torrents. It seems fair though.

But what I don’t like is when ISPs forbid torrents for home users. This is a violation of net neutrality. Internet must be open to everyone and there should be no restriction in accessing the content. As long as people do not cause any problems, the ISP should not say on what to see or what not. Therefore, if your ISP is blocking torrents, here are some ways to bypass it.

Therefore, if your ISP is blocking torrents, below you can find some ways to easily bypass it.

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Please Note: Use of the following sites for illegal purposes is done at your own risk. We take no responsibility for any legal problems you may encounter.

Bypass Torrent Blocking by your ISP [ Tips ]


Torrenting is one of the main activities on the internet. It’s a way to share files over the Internet through P2P protocols. Although torrents are considered legal, they are mainly used to share content that is copyrighted. As a result of the popularity of torrents, hundreds of torrent websites have appeared over the time of a decade. Resulting in copyright violations that have increased and torrents have been blocked.

The competent authorities of the countries work to block these websites and fine users who access them. DMCA and advocates of anti-piracy have partnered with Internet service providers (ISPs) to crack down the users who have downloaded copyrighted material such as movies, TV shows, and music.

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However, there are still many ways to bypass the torrent block without the ISP and the DMCA knowing about it. Keep reading the article until the end to find out the possible ways to bypass torrent blocking.

1. Use VPN to bypass Torrent Blocking

The virtual private service (VPN) is one of the simplest ways to bypass torrent blocking. A VPN allows you to mask your actual location and letting you to access blocked sites without problems. It uses a network of private servers in different geographical locations and private IP addresses to spoof the user’s actual location.

Because Internet traffic flows through the VPN service servers, the ISP cannot track the location and activity of a user. Geo-spoofing is a technique that allows users to access content that is otherwise blocked in their country, like accessing blocked torrent websites. Furthermore, VPN services use advanced encryption technology to adds another layer of security. Keep in mind that Internet traffic is not subject to infiltration.

When you are choosing a VPN service, it is very important to take time and review the list of features of each service and their value proposition. It is a must follow the practice to read user comments as it will help you to get a general idea of the quality of the service.

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2. Use Magnet Links

Magnetic links are also torrent files but these files do not require downloading. After successfully bypassing the torrent block, you can use magnetic links to capture torrent files and download them through a torrent client.

3. Use HTTP Proxy

Another method to bypass the torrent block is via the HTTP proxy. There are many proxy Web sites that let you tunnel and easily bypass torrent blocking. You can try the following websites

4. Switch to Port 80

One more way to bypass the torrent block is simply by switching to a port of a different kind. Manually configure the port in 80 or 8080. UPnP and NAT PMP must be disabled. However, to bypass torrent blocking with this method, you will eventually face slow download speeds.

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5. Seedbox

A seedbox functions as an intermediary between your devices and the torrent files. Seedboxes are rental services, they allow you to download/upload keeping your information anonymous.

Generally, Seedbox is used to download torrents anonymously. There are many countries where the ISP sends a warning email if they found someone using a torrent. And services like seedbox, easily rectify such a problem.

It is quite similar to zbigz, a website sits between you and the torrent server and provides you aid in the conversion of a torrent file to a direct download link. If we simply say, a seedbox is a powerful computer specifically designed to download high-speed torrent files. So first you need to download the torrent to your seedbox and after that transfer it to your computer. As the connection is encrypted via HTTP or FTP, it will appear as a normal file transfer to the ISP.

In general, if you are a regular torrent user and want to keep things anonymous, seedbox is the best option for you to go with as it offers a long-term solution. The only problem is that the service is paid mainly, from $2 a month to $20 a month. Click here to view the complete list of the popular seedbox service with price and quality comparison.

6. Use the TOR network

A special network that routes Internet traffic by routing through multiple servers before reaching the destination. TOR is an amazing method that can make monitoring user activity very difficult. You can use the TOR network if you want to bypass torrent blocking.

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7. Unblock uTorrent From Wi-Fi

Alternatively, you can also use HTTP to bypass torrent blocking.

Follow the steps below to find out how:

  1. Download a torrent file from the internet.
  2. Double-click on the download torrent file.
  3. Use the torrent client to start the download.
  4. Note that the file is downloading but does not show any download/upload speed. This is because you are not really downloading and we have to move on to the following step.
  5. Now, upload the torrent file to a website that lets you download torrent files from your browser.
  6. Start the download from the website and select the destination where you want to save the file.

This is a very simple way to bypass torrent blocking.

8. Get the HTTP link

The way torrents are blocked is by closing the p2p ports. But ISPs can never block HTTP ports (port 80) or FTP (port 21) because these ports are used for normal browsing. So, if we can somehow use this HTTP / FTP port to access torrents, you are good to go.

And websites like zbigz help us do exactly that. In short, it is between you and the torrent server and helps you convert a torrent file into a direct download link.

First, download the .torrent file on your computer. If the sites are blocked, you can use a VPN to unlock it. Upload the .torrent file to zbigz. Recover the content, store it on your server and, finally, provide a normal download link.

Next, upload the .torrent file to zbigz. Recover the content, store it on your server and, finally, provide a normal download link.

In general, the service is free and reliable. I’ve seen it work for the last 6 years and I’ve never had any problems. Although sometimes, it may take some time to cache the content if there is too much load on the server. There is also a premium plan for those who use this service frequently, but if you are willing to pay for this service, this is definitely a good option to go for.

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If for some reason, you can’t access zbigz, then you can try Bitport, it’s also pretty good. However, the free version is limited to 1 GB and requires the creation of an account with your email address.

9. Torrent Relay

Torrent Relay is yet another great way to bypass torrent blocking. It is an amazing service that allows you to bypass torrent blocking by converting torrent links into https links. A user can share the link of the torrent on the website, which provides an https link that can be downloaded from the server of Torrent Relay.

The problem with Torrent Relay is that, since it’s free, many swarm users can empty the available free slots, leaving only the premium slots.

10. ImageShack

ImageShack is a very known image hosting site. Link sharing is one of the best features of this website. Users can upload URLs and share them with friends for free. URLs are also available to other ImageShack users. It’s another way to bypass torrent blocking by looking for other popular torrent links.

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11. Txtor

Txtor is yet another alternative way to bypass torrent blocking. It is a very popular tool that lets you convert torrent files into .txt format. Just enter the torrent link in Txtor and it will generate a link for the .txt download. It should be noted that this method to bypass the torrent block will not work if your ISP has blocked all torrent traffic.

12. Thunder

A free download manager from China and it is quite similar to other torrent download managers. Thunder lets you bypass the torrent block by masking a torrent download as a normal HTTP download. This makes it difficult for ISPs to identify the nature of the file. Also, unlock the limited ports from the ISP.

However, there is one issue that you might face in Thunder, it is in the Chinese language. You will require to download the translation file and extract it to the following directory:

en_us / ThunderLanguages

13. BitLet

BitLet is an excellent torrent download manager that lets you instantly download torrent files. Just upload a torrent file to BitLet and choose the location where you want to save it.

The download manager is always available as a browser extension for Google Chrome. This means that it is not necessary to download a separate app that will take up relatively more space and resources on your computer to bypass blocking the torrent.

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14. ZbigZ

ZbigZ works by using a proxy to generate a download link for the user. It is not a download manager but generates a downloadable link. You will have to sign up for a free account and bypass torrent blocking easily.

15. works as a storage service that allows instantaneous transmission of the content stored on the devices. It is possible to bypass torrent blocking via the torrent servers of this service. Sounds great but here is the bad news, it is not free. The service requires the purchase.

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16. Torrent2exe

Torrent2exe is another great method that you can use to bypass torrent blocking. Where one of our previous solutions has converted torrent files to .txt format, Torrent2exe converts torrent files to .exe format, allowing them to download them easily.

However, you need to make sure that your antivirus is not blocking the .exe file. You can recognize it as a malicious file, then insert it into the list of exceptions.

Wrapping Up

Torrent downloading is one of the biggest obstacles encountered by Internet users. Due to growing copyright violations, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people who simply wanted to download using the P2P protocol. The DMCA is working with ISPs to detect activities that involve copyright infringement.

Torrent blocking is a straight response to prevent copyright infringement. The only way to access is to bypass torrent blocking. We have compiled a number of different ways to access your favorite websites and URLs. It’s easy to work with them and allows you to bypass torrent blocking almost instantly.

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Some methods are better than others, but they all work to bypass torrent blocking. We will suggest you use a reliable VPN service to bypass torrent blocking easily. A VPN will prevent torrent blocking and will mask your identity on the Internet so that your ISP cannot detect your activities.

That’s it for today. I hope the article helps you to find out what you are looking for. It would be great if you leave a comment and share your thoughts about bypassing torrent blocking.

Till then enjoy bypassing torrent blocking as we will be back soon with another informative topic to share with you.

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