Case Render Suggests That Apple Will Offer A New Accessory For The iPhone 2019

This is the sound that the late Steve Jobs could have made if he were close to seeing the new renderings of the cases made by Olixar for Apple iPhone 11 Pro. This is because the renderings have an Apple Pencil sleeve. However, the size of the slot is too small to fit the pencil that works on iPad and iPad Pro. So, if Olixar is right and the cases published on the Mobile Fun website are based on inside information, it seems that Apple will present support for mini-Pencil for at least one of his new 2019 phones. The color options for the case are gray, brown and black.

Last month, the private banking unit at Citibank said it expects iPhone 2019 models to be compatible with Apple Pencil. The accessory was originally launched in 2015 and last year a second-generation model was launched for the new iPad Pro tablets. If Apple adds Pencil support for its new phones, it could be considered a late response to the S Pen supplied with the Samsung Galaxy Note series but before you get too excited, keep in mind that Olixar was wrong before. In May 2018, Olixar revealed renderings of the iPhone SE 2 covers, a device that Apple never announced.

According To Olixar, Apple Will Have A New Naming Scheme For The 2019 iPhone

iPhone 2019

We must also take note of the name used by Olixar, the iPhone 11 Pro. A rumor emerged earlier this month indicates that the 2019 iPhone OLED could be called iPhone 11 Pro (5.8 inches) and iPhone 11 Pro (6.5 inches). The LCD model could be called iPhone (2019). The next three models will be equipped with a square camera module mounted in the upper left corner of the rear glass panel; The two iPhone 11 Pro devices will have three cameras on the back (12MP primary + 12 MP telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom + 12MP ultra-wide angle), while the remaining model will be equipped with the main and telephoto cameras.

The three new iPhones should be introduced on September 10th, according to a screenshot found in the latest beta version of iOS 13. We know they will be powered by the latest Apple Series A chipset, the A13 Bionic. This will be a 7 nm chip produced by the TSMC foundry from Apple projects. Of course, the phones will be pre-installed with iOS 13. And previous reports indicate that they could include the reverse wireless charging feature that debuted on Huawei Mate 20 Pro and that can be found on Samsung’s 2019 flagships. The Korean manufacturer calls to this Wireless PowerShare and allows you to use a phone as a wireless charging platform. If Apple includes this feature in its new phones, an iPhone owner can charge the AirPods in its wireless charging case, an Apple Watch or a compatible phone by sharing the battery charge of its iPhone. Since the host phone is sacrificing some of its power, Apple should increase the battery capacity on new phones with the iPhone 11 Pro (6.5 inches) which is said to be equipped with a battery that weighs almost 4000 mAh. It would be the largest capacity battery ever found on an iPhone.

To help you change your iPhone 2019 battery faster, Apple will include an 18W adapter in the box for the first time. The iPhone 8 and later models support faster charging, although previously Apple only included a 5W charging block in the package; Those who want to charge the phone faster must spend $ 29 for the 18 W charger. A Type C to Lightning cable is also included in the package.

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