Instagram Captions For Your July 4th Independence Day

Instagram Captions for 4th July

There are no events in the United States like Independence Day, casually known as July 4. Patriotic vacations are not lacking in the United States, but there is something special about Independence Day that makes it a totally American classic. While most other patriotic holidays in the United States focus on military services, such as … Read more

Proxy Bunker 2020 | Alternatives

Proxy Bunker Alternatives

ProxyBunker is a torrent proxy server list site that provides a list of functioning mirror sites of the most popular torrent sites. The torrent proxy sites allow to completely unlock and access torrent sites while the original domains are blocked by ISPs. As we all know; torrents are the favorite place for many people to … Read more

10 Best Voice Changing Apps & Software For Skype

Best Voice Changing Apps & Software For Skype

Many apps are available for voice calling but Skype is an amazing app for voice calling, video calling, text messages and much more. But sometime, you might want to sound different to prank your friends or protect your identity in sensitive situations. Well, it is a bit difficult to change your voice, but it is … Read more

7 Best Mobile Phone Unlocking Software to Unlock Your Phone for Free

Best Mobile Phone Unlocking Software to Unlock Your Phone for Free

Are you waiting for the new Samsung launch or love the new iPhone? When you buy a new smartphone, it is generally available on a contract provider. Unfortunately, you are locked to their network until your contract expires and cannot use any other carrier. Just because of this you locked your carrier for as many … Read more

10 Best YouTube Downloader for PC [2019]

Best YouTube Downloader for PC

Watching YouTube videos on your PC is probably one of the favorite things for many people since it has many HD videos that offer wonderful visual experiences. But how to download videos from YouTube remains a problem, since YouTube does not provide a simple download step. So, in this article, I have compiled the 10 … Read more

10 Best Online Photo Sharing Websites

Best Online Photo Sharing Websites

Whether you’re using a digital camera or your phone’s camera, you can get amazing images with the touch or touch of a button. And with your photos synchronized between devices, it’s just as easy to relive those memories of your weekend in the wine country or laugh at your cousin’s wedding jokes. But what happens … Read more

PUBG Lite PC Beta Problems and Solutions

PUBG Lite PC Beta

PUBG Lite has taken its official Facebook page to officially announce the launch of the beta service. The pre-registration event period started on June 20th and will end on July 3rd before midnight in the standard program of India. Subsequently, the beta version of the game will be available in India. By registering during this … Read more

Reduce PDF File Size Without Losing Quality [ Online Tools, Apps ]


“You can’t upload files larger than 25 MB.” Have you ever got this file size error when linking PDF files in your Gmail? Not only that, there are many other reasons when you want to compress a PDF file, for example at the time of uploading some documents to a government website that only accept … Read more

Bypass Torrent Blocking by your ISP [ Tips ]


Right now, there is a world war against torrents right now. Copyright holders and content creators are doing everything they can to shut down access to websites that host torrent. Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are under pressure and blocking all torrent activities. In a world that no longer needs to be a pirate, blocking … Read more

Hidden Feature Enhance Sound Output on iPhone


At one point, we all found ourselves huddled around an iPhone with a group of friends, listening to music at full blast. But as anyone who has been in this situation will know, the maximum volume of the iPhone is not so high. There are many ways to improve the sound, like connecting the phone … Read more

Tips: Access Blocked Websites with Ease

Access Blocked Websites

How to open and access Facebook in the office. This is a common problem for all people who love this social networking site. Either they are in school or university students or office workers who wish to log in to Facebook if it is blocked. Today, social networking sites are limited by the IT administrator … Read more

9 Best Free RPG Games for Mac (2019)

mac games

Gaming trend has come a long way since the 2000s when we could not play the most important titles without a Windows PC. Although Windows still has most of the game’s market share, times have changed now and still changing. And we’re not just talking about indie games like they did a few years ago. … Read more

9 Apps to Convert PDF to Word Document


PDF is a popular file format for documents. Most companies and individuals use the .pdf file format to create many things like banners, catalogs, user manuals, detailed guides, and even e-books. While all this is great, the PDF file format has an obvious disadvantage, PDF files cannot be easily modified and the software that is … Read more