Best Little Snitch Alternatives for Windows & Mac

Little Snitch

Little Snitch is a well known Mac app that recognizes outbound connections and lets you set up rules to obstruct those connections. Once installed, Little Snitch screens your web traffic and each time it recognizes an outbound connection, for instance, Adobe Reader attempting to get to the web, it springs up a window and inquire … Read more

Best ISO Mounters for Windows 10 [Updated List]

Best ISO Mounters

To backup CDs or DVDs, one of the most widely recognized ways is to take a picture. Regularly, these pictures will be in ISO, IMG, or BIN positions. This is great as the entirety of your information is stuffed into a solitary file making it simple to transfer and further back up it to another … Read more

Top 10 Video Editors for Windows

Top 10 Video Editors for Windows

Today’s era is all about business and work. People are opening their business related to their passion. These businesses require marketing. Billboards and pamphlets are being used but the main thing is advertisement through videos. A lot of companies and factories use video advertisements for their product. These videos require a lot of attention to … Read more

9 Best WiFi Analyzer for Windows 10/8/7 [ 2019 ]


Sometimes wifi signals behave in mysterious ways. You have probably seen how quickly the signal indicator on your smartphone or laptop can become completely empty: all you need are some steps in the wrong direction. And like many of us these days, you probably carry a WiFi signal map of your home that you trust … Read more

9 Best PDF Voice Reader for Windows

best pdf readers

Since the beginning of the computer age, people have always appreciated the fact that computers talked to them. These days, this feature is built into Windows and you can easily use it for your PC to read documents. Using your computer’s speech synthesis function can save you a lot of time if you need to … Read more

9 Free PDF Reader Software For Windows [ 2019 ]

PDF Reader Software for Windows

You will need a dedicated PDF reader to help you not just to open a document but for so many things such as for merging several PDFs, extracting images, converting into different formats, or even splitting them into individual pages. There are a lot of free PDF readers available that will do straightforwardly all these … Read more

9 Free Registry Cleaners For Microsoft Windows PC

Free Registry Cleaners For Microsoft Windows PC

A registry cleaner software is used to search for unwanted and useless registries throughout the operating system and eventually deletes them. It is very important to keep the windows fast and snappy. However, if you want to clean all registries one by one, it will take you hours or even sometimes days depending on the … Read more

*Solved* Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU

*Solved* Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU

Windows Modules Installer Worker is a very common error in the Windows machine especially if we take in to account the computers that are running on Windows 10. You will face this error when your windows modules installer tool is not responding in the task manager and it causes high CPU use. Solved Windows Modules … Read more