How to Check Screen Time on Any Device

Either we own a smartphone or a PC. A device on which we like to perform activities that we never want to forget at all. Also, when we are watching videos on Youtube or Facebook Watch, we may lose the track of time spent on our devices. Point bieng here is that not a single soul on earth would ever like to hurt his eyesight on purpose.

Check Screen Time on Any Device

So it’s always good to keep track of time on our computers & smartphones. The best solution to claim such a reward is by Checking the Screen Time on our devices. So allow me to present a guide of How To Check Screen Time on Any Device. Stay tuned until you get what you wanted from this guide.

Check Screen Time on iOS/Android/Mac/Windows 10

As I’ve mentioned in the heading, I’ll only be talking about checking Screen Time on iOS, Android, Mac & Windows 10. Because these are the major platforms that millions of people use on a daily purpose. So without any further due, let’s get to the main point:

Check Screen Time on iOS

1) Enable Screen Time

  • Navigate into your iOS device’s settings.
  • Locate & visit Screen Time.
  • Hit “Turn on Screen Time” and after that, tap on Continue.
  • Select if you are the owner of the device or not.

2) See Screen Time

  • Once you have enabled Screen Time on iOS, your device allows you to view it any time you want.
  • For that, first, open the Settings app.
  • Now open the Screen Time tab.
  • Under the graph, tap on See all activities to view all log activities from the past.

2) Check Screen Time on Android

  • Open the Settings app on your Android device.
  • Now go to Device Maintenance tab (In some mobiles, the option is named as Device Care).

Check Screen Time on Android

  • Tap once on Battery.

Check Screen Time on Android

  • Here, you will see all the logs of apps & services which you have used in the past few hours.

Check Screen Time on Android

3) Display Screen Time on Mac

  • Under Apple Menu, navigate to System Preferences.
  • Now select Screen Time.
  • From the left-side menu, select Options.
  • To enable Screen Time on Mac, just click once on the toggle appearing on the top-right corner of the screen.

4) Display Screen Time on Windows 10

  • Open Windows 10 Settings and open the Accounts menu.

Check Screen Time on Windows 10

  • From the left-side menu bar, select Family & Other Users.

Check Screen Time on Windows 10

  • Click on “Add a family member.” If you are about to add a person who doesn’t have a Microsoft account, then select “The person I want to add doesn’t have an email address”.

  • After you have added a Microsoft Account, Windows 10 OS will send a confirmation email to it. But when you give surety that, you are the owner of that email, your name will be added in Family & other users catalog.
  • Now to Display Screen Time on Windows 10, all you have to do is to click on Manage Family Settings Online and then on the Screen Time button.

Bonus: View Screen Time on Ubuntu/Linux

Most of the users think that Linux is a very complicated operating system and to achieve a task, you have to go through lengthy steps. But if you are talking about Viewing Screen Time on Ubuntu/Linux, you just need to perform two simple steps. First of all, open the terminal. And then, execute the following commands in the terminal one-by-one and you are good to go.

uptime -p

That’s all, thanks for visiting AtechGuides.