How to Enable or Disable Google SafeSearch

Google Chrome has started to come forward to provided services for the greater good of internet users. First, there was a Guest Mode that intrigued a lot of Chrome users. And now it is the Google SafeSearch facility that has started to gain the attention of users who like to enable Parental controls on Chrome.

For internet users, who let others use their devices to perform online activities, they can enable Google SafeSearch. But to Switch on this feature, they have to imply multiple steps. That’s why I’ve drafted a guide about How to Enable or Disable Google SafeSearch. My guide helps both users who don’t know how to turn it on and for those who don’t want to access such services anymore.

What’s Google SafeSearch?

Google SafeSearch is similar to enabling Parental Controls on Chrome for Desktop. This facility allows users to turn off access to violent or inappropriate content. It’s beneficial for parents who let their toddlers use their PC while connected to the internet. So, they will not be able to access online content that’s not appropriate for them.

The only problem with this service is that it only filters the search results. So it’ll not protect a user from visiting websites through the URL bar. But you can also customize such settings by deleting the history & cache of your web browsers. Now it’s time to help you enable or disable Google SafeSearch.

How Do I Enable or Disable Google SafeSearch?

You can enable or disable Google SafeSearch by navigating into the browser’s settings. To be honest, you can tweak such settings easily, but you should know a proper way to claim such a reward.

Step#1: Open the Google Chrome web browser on your Desktop or Laptop.

Enable Google SafeSearch

Step#2: Visit the website on the Chrome browser. Click once on the “Settings” button and select “Search settings”

Enable Google SafeSearch

Setp#3: Now under the Search results tab, check the “Turn on SafeSearch” checkbox and click on “Lock SafeSearch”

Enable Google SafeSearch

Step#4: Click on the “Lock SafeSearch” button and you are good to go.

Disable Google SafeSearch

Step#5: Roll back the steps to Disable Google SafeSearch on your computer.

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