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How To Extract Text From Images Using Google Keep

Extracting Text From An Image can be a really hard task to complete. Because sometimes people get confused about what should they be doing to claim such a reward. Even most of the personas fall into the trap of using scam apps. Services which doesn’t provide as they advertise.

Extract Text From Images Using Google Keep

It’s a fact that most numbers of internet users prefer Google. So why don’t they start using the services of a tech giant as Google himself? Well, the most appropriate answer is “yes” anyone can use Google Keep to Extract Text From Images. Let us tell you how it’s done.

How To Extract Text From Images in 2019

Extracting Text From Images can be really frustrating sometimes. Because most users only know about doing such tasks by using apps that are meant to Convert PDF to Word Files. Yes, such apps do come handy in scanning words, but they can’t be used for this particular task.

So here, we will be discussing to Extract Text From Images on PC & Smartphones. Because we, some users own a computer and some of them use to perform this task on a mobile device. As a reminder, we will always be using Google Keep services to complete this particular task.

Extracting Text From Images on PC (Windows/Mac/Linux)

It’s simple and easy to Extract Text From an Image on a computer. Because this can be done by using Google Keep online services. Yes, there is an official online portal that helps users keep things going on with Google Keep. Below are the convenient steps to perform such a task:

Extract Text From Images on PC

  1. Visit the provided link to Access Google Keep Services Online.
  2. From a dialogue box appearing in front of you, click on New Note With Image.
  3. When the image is uploaded, click on the three-dotted icon appearing right beneath the image file.
  4. Select Grab Image Text and you are good to go.
  5. The Extracted Text will start to appear below the image file you used for this purpose.

Point To Be Noted: You can also access Android Emulators to use Google Keep App on Windows & Mac OS.

Using Google Keep To Extract Text From Images on Android & iOS

Yes, there is an official Google Keep app available for smartphones. Google is trying so hard to get all the users to itself. But to be honest, such services can be reliable for all of us. Especially for people who never want to compromise their privacy. So for those who want keep things simple and available on their smartphones, they need to imply the steps drafted below:

  1. Download & Install Google Keep on Android or iOS.
  2. After installing the application, open it.
  3. Now either upload an image or take a snap directly from the app’s camera.
  4. When done, tap once on the hamburger icon.
  5. Hit the Grab Image Text tab.
  6. In a couple of seconds, you will be provided with text from the image file you just took or uploaded.
  7. Now the Extracted Text From an Image is at your mercy, do whatever you want with it.

That’s all for now on How To Extract Text From Images Using Google Keep. Feel free to ask for any sort of suggestion if you are facing any difficulty. Thanks.