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Find Friends on Kik [ Best Kik Friend Finder ]

 Find Friends on Kik [ Best Kik Friend Finder ]

If you are at home and bored, all your friends are at work, at school or whenever you want to talk to someone. Turn on Kik and find someone! While social networking is about connecting friends, it’s also possible to meet new people. In this Article, I will show you how to find new friends in Kik Messenger App.

There is good news for users of Kik Messenger. There is a new option that Kik has recently added that will allow you to easily, quickly and easily.

This new option, which includes Kik in his messaging program, is to search for people in Kik. It allows you to search for new users and friends without having to leave the messaging program. new This option is for the latest version of this fantastic and complete messaging program.

How to Install KIK Messenger On Your Device:

You need to download the application to your Android device before you can send a message to your friends with Kik. Kik is a mobile instant messaging application that lets you chat with other friends using the application installed on your device. In addition to sending and receiving instant messages, users can also share photos, send YouTube videos, create sketches and send pictures, browse and share pictures and Internet memes.

How to download Kik on Android devices

Ready to install the application? Follow these simple steps to start the download:

  • Open your Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Click and search for “Kik” in the Play Store.
  • Select the appropriate application.
  • Click on the green “Install” button.
  • Accept the permissions of the application when prompted by pressing Accept.
  • Open the application when the installation is complete.
System Requirements Kik for Android

Before downloading Kik, make sure your Android device is compatible with this application. Otherwise, you will not be able to send messages to your friends. Your phone or device must have:

  • Android 2.2 and above
  • 3.5 MB of free space
  • Access to WiFi internet or data plan
Create a Free Kik Account:

Now you can create a new Kik account. Kik can be used for free and requires a short application to sign up if you are a new user. First click on the blue “Create new account”, as shown above.

How do I log in to Kik?

When prompted, follow these steps to get your new account:

  • Enter your first name in the first field.
  • Enter your last name in the second field.
  • Enter your desired name in the third field.
  • Enter your e-mail address in the fourth field.
  • Choose your password and write it in the last field.
  • Click the camera window in the upper left corner to select / capture a photo for your account.
  • Tap the green “Register” button to create your new Kik account.
To log in to Kik on your Android device

If you already have a Kik account, you can sign in with your account as follows:

  • Click on the gray “Login” button on the start page.
  • Enter your username in the first field.
  • Enter your password in the second field.
  • Click on the green “Next” button to log in.
How to Find Friends in Kik Messenger:

The best way to find friends in Kik is to use Kik Cards. These are profile cards in the application that allow people to share their data around the world. It’s a great way to meet new people without leaving the Kik ecosystem.

  • Navigate to Settings in Kik and Select Share Profiles.
  • Select your social network to share your own profile.
  • Navigate to the conversation window in Kik.
  • Select the small globe icon and use a search term to find a chat.
  • Use search terms like “chat,” “football,” or whatever, to try to cheat on a topic that interests you.
  • Promise users to make friends quickly.

You can use public groups to make friends in Kik. Public groups can have up to 50 members and are happy to meet.

How to find a public group.
  • Browse your main chat list on Kik. Touch the “+” symbol and then public groups.
  • Use the popular search banner or search for a topic that interests you.
  • Touch a public group for more information.
  • Select Join public group if you want to join and start chatting.
Another Method:
  1. Open the Kik app. It’s a white app with the word “Kik” in green letters.
  2. If you’re not logged in automatically, enter your log-in information.
  3. Tap.➕ It’s at the top of the screen.
  4. Tap Find People. It’s next to the silhouette of a person with a “+” sign.
  5. Tap Find by Username.
  6. Use this option if you know the user’s Kik username.
  7. Type a username in the search field at the top of the screen.
  8. When the user you’re looking for appears in the list below the search field, tap their username.
  9. Tap Start Chatting to send the user a message.
  10. Tap Find by Phone Contacts.
  11. Use this option to locate Kik users in your address book or to invite a contact to use Kik.
  12. Scroll down to find the contact you’d like to invite to use Kik.
  13. Tap Invite to send a text message inviting the user to chat with you on Kik.

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