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How To Fix A Hacked Android Device

No one can ever say that his/her device is fully protected from online or offline threats. Before the arrival of Android 6.0, users thought of installing custom ROMs were secure, but now its a story of the gone decade. So now what to do if you want to Fix A Hacked Android Device?

Well, you can only take precautionary steps when you Know If Your Android Phone is Hacked. Else, you could never understand and even if I tell you, it would be like casting pearls before swine. But when I’m done talking about it, I’ll take you directly to the guide about How To Fix A Hacked Android Device. Thereafter, you’ll know the basic steps to save your smartphone from viruses or malware.

How To Know If Your Android Phone is Hacked?

There are tons of things to help users approximate the situation of a Hacked Android device. Yes, there are some things like unknown app installs, unauthorized ads, and apps crashing error to remind you whether if there’s something wrong with your device or not. But there are some key possibilities that I would like you to check before taking any steps to Fix A Hacked Android Device.

Battery Drain Issue

If your device is consuming a lot of battery than before, then there’s a possibility that your device is bieng hacked by someone. Because when a virus or malware enters your device, it affects your device’s battery life. To check if that’s not the case, navigate to your phone’s settings and open the Battery tab. Now tap once on “Battery Usage” to see its full detail on what apps are consuming the battery power.

Know If Your Android Phone is Hacked

Inconstant Pop-ups

In cases where the online virus hits your device, the javascript starts to execute in the backend. Resulting in, a user is provided with a pop-up saying that his device is under threat and he needs to install some software to get of some malicious files. So in these situations, all you need to do is long-press your device’s home button. This would help you go back to your device’s interface without tapping on any button.

Additional Data Usage

It’s obvious that if a virus entered your device, it would consume some MBs from your mobile data. To check this possibility, go to your phone’s settings and open “Connectivity”. Afterward, tap on “Data Usage” and view the list of apps that are using your network’s data.

Know If Your Android Phone is Hacked

How To Fix A Hacked Android Device?

Now that you Know If Your Android Phone is Hacked or not, its time to tell you the ways to Fix A Hacked Android Device. These fixes would help you protect your device from future malware and viruses.

Scan an Android Device

The best solution to locate any sort of viruses from your Android device is by using a trusted Antivirus app. Try not to compromise your device’s security just because the working apps are not available for free. And a good thing is that you can also try an app before buying its premium services. However, I would always suggest you download stuff from trusted sources like Google Play Store. Visit our guide to know the best Antivirus apps from here.

Remove Suspicious Apps

Open the app drawer on your device and see if you can locate the apps that you never installed on your device. And once you locate them, try not to open them at all. Just tap and hold on them and then select “uninstall” to remove them from your device instantly.

Fix A Hacked Android Device

Perform a Hard Reset

If you think your device’s system files are affected by the virus, then the only hope left for you is to perform a hard reset. But before implying any steps, remember that all your device’s data will be deleted and you could never restore it. To do so, open your device’s settings and tap on “Backup & Reset”. Now go to Reset>>Factory Data Reset.

Fix A Hacked Android Device

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