Spotify: How to Fix ‘App Failed to Migrate Some of Your Data’

Spotify is the biggest source of playing audio music in the world. It is the subscription-based service that lets you play the official, unofficial, covers and remix tracks. Spotify is the plethora of features and we can’t even suggest you the best alternative to Spotify. Every software has a certain minimum requirement of hardware. If both things don’t match with each other, obviously the app will show errors and issues will create.

Recently some of the Spotify Desktop users have reported an issue. They said that whenever they try to migrate Spotify data an error arrises. The operating system prompts Spotify failed to migrate some of your Data. It seems the problem is with your Desktop not with the app. If there is hardware than we can’t deal with that.

How to Fix Spotify failed to migrate some of your Data:

Overall to clear the confusions we write effective solutions. If the problem is with the app, surely these solutions are enough to fix the Spotify failed to migrate some of your Data issues.

Fix Spotify Failed to Migrate Some of Your Data

Step 1: Press Shift+Ctrl+Del on your keyboard to open Task Manager on your Windows Desktop or Laptop.

Step 2: Once the Task Manager opens up go to the Processes Tab. Locate the Spotify from the list of every element which consumes memory on your computer.

Step 3: Click on the App Data option first. Go to the Roaming option. Here you will see all the folders acquired by Spotify. Delete all the Spotify folders here. In the AppData folder, you will see another subfolder named Local. Click on it and then locate the Packages folder. Delete all the folders of Spotify found here.

Step 4: Now you have to uninstall the Spotify from your Windows. Type Add or Remove Programs, select the option from the menu. Locate the Spotify app click on it, select Uninstall.

Step 5: Visit the Address written below and delete the uninstall Key of the Spotify app.

Step 6: Now visit the and install the latest version of Spotify for Windows.

Step 7: Sign in with the same Spotify account which you were using in the previous version. Now try to migrate the data hopefully you will not face the same issue.