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Fortnite Item Shop Updated

Once again the Fortnite item shop has been updated and now players can hop in and pick up some new gears including brand new cosmetics, gliders, and there are other items are also available for players to purchase.


To celebrate the beginning of a new baseball season, it looks like Epic Games has decided to keep the baseball theme like fastball skins, slugger skin, pickaxe, and glider that it released yesterday. Along with the baseball player theme skins, the fan-favorite Fate cosmetic is also dropped into the game again and along with her Fated Frame pickaxe and Split Wing glider.

There’s also a new, animated spray, Magma, bust to move pop lock and stylish entry magic wings that are out for sale. The spray operates like a normal one but gives weapons and vehicles an animated effect of magma flowing. You simply equip it to your desired item and head out with a spiffy new design adorned on your gun. Alongside with spray Magma, the Pop Lock and Magic Wings also have been brought back, amongst some other items.

Today’s update brings with it a brand new emote, the Fire Spinner, which showcases players dancing with a twirling torch of fire to go along with the island-inspired aesthetic of Fortnite’s eighth season.

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Elsewhere in the update, perennial fan-favorite nevermore Raven skin and ravenous Ravage skin make a return, with the sleek and stylish Taro and take to the highland Nara costume also getting brought back into the game for players to pick up. Besides these two the spirit of a song has invaded Fortnite, with glowing and deadly Nitelite and swing the mic the Lead Swinger pickaxe making another appearance in the item shop.

As is the case with every day, the Fortnite item shop updates every day at pm EST, which means the clock is ticking on your ability to pick up any of these items.