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Google is Under Investigation for Antitrust Practices in India

The case is like the one in the EU where Google was fined $5 billion. Google has stuck in an unfortunate situation once again, this time in India with the Competition Commission of India, which has started an antitrust investigation against the company. As per two sources talking with Reuters, the CCI started investigating into Google for abusing its power as the most famous mobile operating system and blocking rivals in India starting in February.google-g-logo

By mid-April, sources affirmed it was chosen there was sufficient proof to launch a full investigation, despite the fact that this information was never made open to the public and the CCI has not reacted to requests for remarks. In any case, inside sources state the test will last about a year, and that Google executives would almost certainly be brought to appear before the CCI in the coming months. After a comparative case in Europe where Google confronted fines of €4.3 billion (around $5 billion USD), the CCI has solid precedence for its case.

The EU case revolved around Google requiring procedures that used the Android operating system to install Google Search and its Chrome program for access to the Play Store, in this way giving Google an unfair standpoint. Google has claimed the decision, however, has likewise agreed to permit Android users in Europe the ability to pick a different browser or search engine.

The amount of the fine the CCI could impose upon Google as of now is unclear. Be that as it may, it has the ability to impose a punishment of up to 10 percent from the last three financial years from the income of the items being referred to. For this situation, that could refer to Google’s search engine and web browser, which it doesn’t share its profit for. As indicated by Gautam Shahi, a New Delhi-based antitrust lawyer,

They can either change their direction in India willfully or let CCI explore. A voluntary change in conduct may affect the quantum of penalty if it’s imposed. This isn’t the first run Google has crossed path with the CCI. A year ago, it imposed a fine of 1.36 billion rupees ($19.46 million USD) against Google for inquiry bias. The CCI additionally found that Google had been giving it’s business flight search function noticeable position in query results. Google has since claimed that order, referring it would harm its reputation.

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Android is used on 88% of the world’s smartphones, and as indicated by Counterpoint Research estimates, it will be on 99% of the smartphones sold in India this year. A Google representative said by making mobile devices increasingly affordable, Android has enabled a large number of Indians the ability to associate with the internet. Besides, Google will work with the CCI “to show how Android has prompted more competition and innovation, not less.”