Grab This 7ft USB-C Cable for Your Phone, Laptop Or iPad For Only $7 [Today Only]

Grab This 7ft USB-C Cable for Your Phone, Laptop Or iPad For Only $7 [Today Only]

USB-C are becoming more common to use and people need to have more and more cables around their home or office and that clearly means people are on the search for the cables which is somehow less expensive yet high quality that you can add in your collection.

iClever is a brand for consumer electronics and best known for making these amazing accessories at very reasonable prices and the amazing news here is you can also get your hand on the USB-C cables at a very reasonable and price.

The cable that is on offer is 7.2ft long and it is a USB-A to USB-C cable. It has the capability of the transfer speed of USB 3.1 and that clearly indicate that you will surely not struggle while transferring the data and you must be good for charging the device.

You might find that speed is little and it completely depends on what you are charging but for the price that it charges making it not a bad option to go with.

This deal is here for the end of March probably, so you still have a good amount of time to place your order before it gets too late. Go through all the details and don’t miss this chance as these kinds of deals don’t come frequently and you have this chance now to pick this cable that is quite a capable now, with its built-in protection against any kind of breakage at this amazing price. If you consider the length of this cable which is 7ft then there is not much to dislike here.

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