How to Cancel an App Purchase in Amazon Kindle Fire

If you have entered your Credit card or other accounts at the Amazon Kindle Fire Billing portal than you need to be careful. Because, if you make an accidental in-app purchase, you will lose your amount in nanoseconds. To avoid such circumstances, Amazon has added some precautionary measures in Kindle Fire. This was done after the decision of the Federal Trade Commission USA.

Last year Amazon was in the news so much, not for Jeff Bezos 140 Billion Dollar networth! It was due to the legal controversies. Due to the unavailability of precautionary measures thousands of  Kindle Fire users have lost spent million of dollars by mistake. That was a huge reputational and financial loss for Amazon. The USA FTC was so disappointed that how can highly reputed corporations like Amazon can make such a mistake. After the decision Amazon settled with the FTC to compensate for the loss of users. The refund to all customers who accidentally made in-app purchases.

Cancel an App Purchase in Amazon Kindle Fire

Important Warning: You have only seven days to cancel the purchase and claim for Refund on Amazon Kindle Fire. After that, regrettably, you will not get a single penny back.

We are here to keep you safe from your side. Although Amazon has made a friendly policy of refund after purchasing E-Books or in-App purchases by users accidentally. But, it is necessary to appoint safety measurements from your side. So, you can avoid to stuck in a mess like last year’s victims.

Before going further, a word of caution is in order

Before we guide you on how to claim a refund from Amazon Kindle Fire, we want to discuss an important thing first.

No doubt Amazon handles such a situation smartly but still, refund is the time-consuming procedure. Latest Kindle Fire contains a feature that can double coat the In-App Purchases option. You can tap once by mistake but not twice.

Enable Parental Controls in Amazon Kindle Fire:

>> Step 1) Open the Amazon App Store on your Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

>> Step 2) Tap on the Settings option located under the Menu button.

>> Step 3) Under settings option, you will see option of parental controls, tap on it.

>> Step 4) Toggle the parental control slider to turn it On. Now whenever you want to make an in-app purchase, you have to enter your Amazon password or PIN. After entering the pin you will be able to purchase something. Otherwise, there is no chance that you can purchase the product by entering the wrong PIN. Also, now it’s impossible to make an in-app purchase by mistake on Amazon Kindle Fire.

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How to get Refund on Content Bought from Amazon Kindle fire:

Just need to follow the quintet of steps to cancel the in-app purchase and get your money back spent on it. As we have mentioned clearly that you must ensure the cancellation and refund claim within 7 days. Your request for a refund will not be entertained once the time duration is over. Here are the steps to get your money back from Amazon Kindle Fire.

First Step:

You have a login to your Amazon Account. Visit the Amazon Sign-in Page. Sign in with your existing Amazon Account.

Second Step:

Click on your Account name located at the top right-hand side of the Amazon homepage. Next to the Accounts and List option, you have to click on the Pull-Down Menu. From the appeared menu choose Content and Devices option

Third Step:

Locate for the option of manage your content and devices on the device homepage. Click on the option. After that, you will see three tabs open up: Your Content, Your Devices, and Settings. Click on Your Content.

Fourth Step:

Here you will the Actions Column and there will be “” icon with it. Select the Return for Refund from the available options.

Fifth Step:

Now Amazon site will push a Pop-up Window. They will ask you to either confirm or cancel the request for a Refund. Select the Return for Refund option. That’s all that you need to do.

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Final Words:

After the refund request, Amazon will take its due time to review the request. If you have filed the appeal for a refund within seven days than most of the chances are that you will get your Refund back. We can’t commit to you because Amazon is notorious for changing its policies time by time without announcement. The best thing is that you never keep your Bank Account, Credit Card number or any other account save on Amazon. It’s better to enter the details each time when you want to buy something.