How to Disable Auto-Playing Previews On Netflix

You’d have to have been concealing endlessly from internet-based life this week to have missed the news that Netflix has at long last given us the option to disable automatically-playing previews. Furthermore, it’s extraordinary.

Having the option to simply disable it altogether would have been sufficient to keep us happy, however, Netflix has gone above and beyond by making it conceivable to roll out the improvement on a for every profile premise. That implies you can disable it for one person however keep it dynamic for everyone else. It resembles a glass of ice water in heck, and we never thought we’d get it.

How to Disable Auto-Playing Previews On Netflix

Now that we do have it, here’s how to approach debilitating those annoying auto-playing previews.

Step 1: Pull up your profile in the Manage Profiles section on the web. You can get to that by means of

Step 2: Once you’re in your profile, you’ll see another option to disable previews when perusing all devices. Uncheck that and you’re done.

It’s astounding how such a straightforward setting change can have such an immense effect on the manner in which we use Netflix. Not having these previews booming at us while we’re simply attempting to choose what to watch is stunning, and we wonder why it took Netflix so long to include an element people have been requesting for a considerable length of time.

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In any case, it’s here now, so allows simply appreciate that delighted quiet, will we?