Leak shows one bit of a bad news about the Google Pixel 4

google pixel 4

Some Pixel fans got excited after the several renders were leaked yesterday. After all, the image shared by Google showed a phone that gave a rather high-end appearance. And Google’s comment, “Wait ’til you see what it can do,” had left many wonderings whether the rumors about the support of fine hand gestures in the phone is legit. And the fact that Google would even do such a thing had some wondering whether the Pixel 4 would be launching much earlier than expected.

The October release of the Pixel line means that the phones have the greatest Snapdragon chip for only 4 months. Then, the next gen of handsets starts to launch, powered by a Snapdragon SoC. So, people are hoping that Google had decided to move up the release of the Pixel 4, to change the cycle so that it could have more time appealing to those who want to have the most recent chipset on their phones.

But all the hopes dashed thanks to a tweet from tipster Evan Blass that contains a leaked 2019 Verizon marketing calendar. The image clearly shows the road of Big Red map for Tier 1 device launches from May through December. The launch of the Pixel 3a in last month was listed, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 set for a late August release. A September launch of the 2019 Apple iPhone models appears to be in store, followed by a release in mid-October of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. So, if Verizon sticks to this timeline, it appears that we won’t see the next high-end Pixels until the end of this year.

Google needs to kill off all the bugs prior to the release of the new Pixel models

google pixel 4

Other than the above-mentioned support for fine hand, we can also see the new Pixels make a major screen adjustment automatically. Similar to True Tone of Apple and Adaptive Display of Samsung, the Pixel 4 could have a feature that will adjust the white balance on the display automatically based on ambient lighting. This should give a more natural look to the images on the Pixel 4 display. Considering the looks, any talk about the Pixels can’t be complete if we don’t mention the square camera module found in the upper left-hand corner of the rear panel.

Looking quite similar to the camera housing that we’ve seen on Apple iPhone 11 renders-and in the same location too-the Pixel’s module will sport two cameras. You might think that this is not a big deal for most phone lines, but the Pixel handsets have long been considered as one of the best phones in term of photography despite having just one sensor on the rear.

A button for the fingerprint scanner was missing from the teaser tweeted by Google. Now, you could assume in-display fingerprint reader in that the Pixel 4, but the rumors are more interesting; there is speculation that the Pixel 4 will feature a facial recognition system that can hold its own against Face ID of Apple. Reportedly, Apple will include a spectral sensor, something that is never used on a smartphone before. The spectral sensor will track x-rays, infrared beams, and ultraviolet light.

If all of these rumors are correct, Google could have a winner on its hands. And for now, that all 4 major carriers will be able to offer the Pixel 4, now it would be the best time for Google to make a favorable and long-lasting impression on them by delivering such an amazing phone.

However, we would make one suggestion. Google should make sure that enough testing at first place to fix all of the small annoying bugs that pop up after the Pixels are launched.

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