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LG Trademarks Show That The Company Has A New Flagship Name Scheme In-Store


Despite the problems that LG faces in the smartphone market in the past few years, the company remains motivated to be one of the big companies in the sector. LG is still looking for the right formula that will once again attract people’s attention and it seems there will be at least four more attempts to do so.

If the company manages to make use of all the smartphone names for which it has just received a brand. At the start of this year, LG launched the ThinQ G8. The G9 model, next year’s model, is definitely under the process of development which means that the time has come for the company to make sure that it has the rights for the models beyond that.

And it did, as is clear in the database of the Intellectual Property Office of Korea. The institute has awarded LG four trademarks for products classified as smartphones: G10, G20, G30, and G40. This means that LG intends to take the Huawei route when it comes to naming a flagship and skipping boring numbers like 11 and 12.

Korean Intellectual Property Office

Why do companies do it, anyway? Well, behind this there are a number of obvious reasons. First, consumers prefer more rounded and easy-to-remember numbers, such as 10, 20, etc., which also facilitate marketing efforts. The other reason is much more basic: it simply sounds “more”. When users who are not familiar with the market choose their new phone, even a small amount, like the model number is greater than that of the competitor, can convince them to choose the device of a certain brand.

But there could be more to this change. Currently, the other LG flagship is using these numbers, the LG V50 is the most recent. Rumors have been circulating for a while that LG plans to merge the two lines. Perhaps it will happen in 2021 with the launch of the LG G10. It would make sense if LG intended to keep the V series as a smartphone with 5G capacity for another year. However, by 2021, 5G will probably be standard on all flagships, making one of the series useless.

What is not clear from these brands is that LG will keep the embarrassing “ThinQ” as part of the name of their future flagships. Although not mentioned in the apps, LG can always paste it with the new names. However, hopefully, it will not be so and the new “decimal” generation of LG flagships will come with shorter and cleaner names.

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