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Netflix Cookies 2020 [Become a part of 139M Users For free]

Netflix is known to be the solemn king of video streaming platforms. With over 139 million premium subscribers, it has managed to win the hearts of many free users. Yes, there is a 30days free subscription plan. But what to do when your free plan is over? Wouldn’t you still be willing to access Netflix without spending a penny? It’s obvious, you would never miss a chance to access Free Netflix.

Netflix Cookies

So here, I have drafted all the 100 percent working Netflix Cookies for you. All the cookies contain different sorts of information, you just need to check all of them and see what’s suits your desire. However, if you don’t understand a way of using Netflix Cookies, I will also help you understand how to use them.

Why Use Netflix Cookies?

Netflix charges you $7 to $15 a month. Not everyone has enough money online entertainment purposes. It’s a fact that some users are students & some of them have just started their practical careers. In both situations, a person always like to save a single penny for his/her bright future.

Also, such people are the future of our world. They do deserve to be entertained whenever they want to relax for healthy studies or work-related environment. That’s why we have come forward to help people have tons of fun online without emptying their pockets. But the only way to achieve this goal is by using Netflix Cookies.

How do Netflix Cookies work?

Whenever you watch Netflix on a web browser, it saves your cache & cookies data. So I have come up with a plan to help you access those Netflix Cookies to help you watch movies & shows for free. But we are only going to provide you with a bunch of code that gets updated from time to time.

In case, you encounter some cookies that are not working, you have the right to tell us through the comments box. I will provide you alternative cookies instantly and without any questions asked. Though, right after you get a cookie, you need to export/upload it inside your web browser.

List of 100% Working Netflix Cookies

Here’s updated & fully operational Netflix Cookies added by me. I have added them by myself, you are allowed to select any cookies to use Free Netflix.


  1. Don’t ever log out from the connected Netflix account.
  2. Never try to change the password of the free Netflix account which you get from my guide.
  3. Try not to make any customizations from the account, because you will be kicked and never allowed to use it again.

How To Use Free Netflix via Cookies?

Now it’s you know about how to use Netflix Cookies from the Premium account. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay for accessing any of the above-provided cookies. All you need to imply is a simple trick to get the job done.

Netflix Cookies

  1. Visit the Chrome Store and Download EditThisCookie For Chrome (it is only available as if you are using Chromium-based web browsers).
  2. Wait a while, until the extension is added to your web browser’s taskbar.
  3. When EditThisCookie is added, click on the cookie icon.
  4. Click once on the Import icon (it is placed right beside the + icon).
  5. Now download a cookie file from my guide.
  6. Copy the code from the downloaded file and then paste it inside the EditThisCookie’s empty box.
  7. Save the cookie and don’t close the tab, just visit Netflix inside it.

Related FAQs To Netflix Cookies

How Do I Find Cookies on Netflix?

You can use our provided codes to get cookies from different Netflix categories. All you need is a chromium-based web browser and cookie extension. While visiting Netflix online, paste the cookie code inside the addon and you are good to go.

How Do You Clear Cookies on Netflix?

Open Chrome, and navigate to its settings. Scroll down and go to Advanced settings. Inside the Privacy tab, open Content Settings. Here, you will find the Cookies tab. All you need to do is click once on the clear button and that’s it.

How To Get A Free Netflix Account?

Visit the official Netflix website by clicking here. Inside Netflix, Click on Join Free For a Month. Now select a plan and select Continue. Enter your email & password and choose a payment plan which you can use when the trail is over.