New Pixel 4 Leak Reveals The “Motion Sense” Settings And Much More

It could be the day of the iPhone, but Google Pixel 4 was rarely hidden. Earlier today, many photos that compared the black and white variants appeared online. These were followed by a short video of Orange Pixel 4 and another leak that confirmed many specs.

More recently, the date of Google’s annual hardware event was apparently revealed and now, courtesy of YouTuber Brandon Lee, another leak points out the “Motion Sense” settings of Pixel 4.

Google will offer a variety of Motion Sense settings

pixel 4 image

Through official teasers and a recently released Pixel 4 promotional video, Google has already mentioned the possibility of changing songs with Motion Sense or silencing alarms and phone calls. Today’s videos confirm these features and reveal others.

First of all, it seems that users of Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will be able to completely disable the Motion Sense feature. But when activated, a list of settings will be available to the owner, including the ability to disable “skip songs” or “silence interruptions” gestures. The latter allows users to postpone alarms or reject calls by waving their hand on the phone. The first, on the other hand, offers owners the chance to skip songs with a strong breath of air in a specific direction.

Another neat feature of Motion Sense is called “reach to check phone”. This, as the name suggests, allows Pixel 4 users to get their hands on the screen to activate it and show notifications, time and other useful information. Go to the 13:03 minute in the video above to see the short videos of the Motion Sense settings.

Take a look at Pixel 4 from different angles

In addition to the short videos showing Motion Sense settings, a relatively large collection of photos showing Pixel 4 from a variety of different angles was also provided. The first shots in the gallery below confirm the presence of a large screen surrounded by thin lateral frames, a reduced chin, and a rather large upper bezel. By the way, one of the images offers a close-up view of the design that Google says includes a selfie camera, the Project Soli radar, an internal speaker and a complete secure face recognition system that will compete with Apple’s Face ID.

The smartphone in question is the black model that, as previously revealed, has a white power button accented on the right side. This accompanies an elongated volume control and the SIM card tray located on the opposite side of the frame. The frame itself looks like a “high-quality plastic” and looks like the Pixel 2 frame. To finish the look of the frame of things is a USB-C port and a lower trigger speaker that will work together with the alternative in the ear to create a stereo setup.

Announcement and release date of Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

It appears that the Google Pixel 4 series will be presented at a hardware event on Tuesday 15 October. The official pre-orders should begin immediately after the show, although it probably won’t be until Friday, October 25th that consumers will really start receiving smartphones.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how much Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will cost at launch. Google, however, openly admitted having had problems selling Pixel 3 devices this year and has since applied great discounts to flagships to help change more units. At this stage it is not clear if the Internet giant is planning lower prices for this year’s training, but, even if it is not, it is likely that prices will not exceed Pixel 3 levels. This means that Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will probably sell for $799 and $899 respectively or less.

(Via: This is Tech Today)

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