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Most Popular Social Media Sites Right Now

With this global panorama we can see that the best way to be seen in this medium is by being part of more than one social network when I say part of it, I mean active participation that takes your brand to your audience, giving the image you so much want to show.

But how is this scenario in America? Today we will see what are the most used social networks here in 2018 and a forecast of the networks that will grow the most and those that will present a decrease in use. Are you curious? Continue reading.

How did social networks emerge?

The social networks that currently exist, were not part of the emergence of this new form of communication that today is part of the day to day of the vast majority of people around the world.

Many were the precursors and probably never heard of them. The first social network appeared in 1997, it was called Six Degrees and its creator was the company Macro view, in this tool it was possible to create a list of friends and generate user profiles.

In 2003, other social networks began to emerge, which gradually increased their network of users, such as Hi5, MySpace, Friendster, Orkut, Tribe, etc. These networks had new applications that collaborated with the interaction between users. The big problem with them was that they did not reach a global expansion. Some were more used in some countries than in others and globalization hardly reached this universe.

In 2004, Facebook was born, the first social network with a global reach on a large scale, one of the most successful of the networks that exist until today and that probably will continue to exist for a long time, thanks to its constant updates that we will mention later.

In 2006, another of the great ones that we know today appeared Twitter, with a much more limited proposal than what currently exists.

What are the most used social networks in America?

New social networks appear at every moment, and others disappear due to the lack of participation of their users. Who does not remember “MySpace” or “Orkut”, for example? Social networks go through constant updates so that their users continue active and participatory and for this, they reinvent themselves at all times.

Follow a list of the most used social networks in America in 2018:



As the absolute leader in the number of users in the world, in America, it could not be different. At least here, 4 out of 5 Internet users have a profile on this social network. The excellent work of Zuckerberg tops the list of favorites thanks to his updates. The changes range from its appearance and its possibilities for interaction to its algorithm, so complex that it sometimes seems to read your mind. Thus, Facebook ensures that every time you enter, you see what interests you, that you like what you see and that leads you to return, return and return. This is the secret of your success. The users of this network use it daily, the majority, sometimes more than one hour per day. They use it to communicate with other people, to search for information and read the news, to make purchases and to interact with their favorite brands. With so many uses, how to dethrone it from this first place? A function that is currently a success, is the live broadcast. Despite having been created in 2015 exclusively for celebrities, in 2016 it was made available to iPhone users and subsequently, the function was created for its Android application. Increasingly, users are using this feature that is becoming the favorite of many.


The leader of videos on the internet also works as a social network. It is the fastest way you can entertain, inform and educate. Many prefer to watch a video than read a text and this is very well taken advantage of by this platform. The ease in sharing information is what makes this network so successful, especially with the younger audience, both producing and consuming videos. When you register as a user and create a channel, many possibilities open up for both a network of friends and a professional network. Excellent for the disclosure of a brand, YouTube opens a range of opportunities.


Although this social network is not so popular, its place in this list is due to the amount of Gmail accounts and other Google services, its users indirectly end up creating profiles in this network, which does not imply strong participation as a network Social. The Google+ platform was launched in 2011 and requires its users to be over 13 years old. Its great advantage is that the information that is regularly shared on this platform allows it to appear in Google searches. This is a great help for the disclosure of a brand.


More than a social network, LinkedIn is a professional network.  Americans use it frequently with the aim of seeking employment or being available for the labor market. This social network is one of the best places to work professional marketing, participate in discussions in a specific area and is also an excellent place to create networking with professionals from the same sector.


It is a microblogging social network (blog content that allows users to make brief updates, which can contain image and text with 140 characters, and publish them to be seen publicly or by a restricted group of users). Twitter is one of the most important social networks in the business world since its tools collaborate to create a brand of weight and can give a special highlight to the qualities of your business.


With its own language, Instagram is also one of the most used networks. This explanation may be due to the live videos, implemented by this network in 2016 and the multiple functions of the network. Thanks to this tool you can know who is watching you and interact with it. Some updates of this social network, add buttons to control comments and other introduces the possibility of anonymously reporting live videos. These updates have been positively accepted by their users, increasing their participation in the network.


This famous application can be considered a social network because it connects people and offers possibilities to meet people through groups. This app that has become one of the most used by Americans can be used both on mobile devices and on the computer.

The creation of the profile by means of an active mobile number makes it possible to put an image, a photo. It also allows the user to place a thought, introduce himself and begin to interact with other people.  WhatsApp connections make it possible to send images, texts, files such as documents, videos, location, among other functions. Not to mention the WhatsApp boom for business.


Known to be one of the favorite social networks of Millennial, Snap chat is a fun network that offers many possibilities. After creating the profile, the user can share photos, short videos and text messages. One of the attractions of Snapchat is that all sent content self-destructs after being received. For the material to be destroyed in a certain time after it is received, it is important that the sender defines a time limit that can vary between 1 and 10 seconds.

Another advantage of the social network is the greater security offered to exchange messages, thanks to the fact that the received image cannot be saved.


Pinterest is an application where … you can create collections of things that you see throughout the day and that have some type of interest for you (dresses, photographs, recipes, videos, cars, jokes and of course kittens … anything passed to format digital and its respective link). These collections can be ordered by categories where they are exposed for your enjoyment as if it were a large corkboard. In fact, the action of adding a new element is called “pin” (thumbtack in English) which provides some parallelism with the Real World.

The boards can be seen and shared with your friends or with the rest of the world. They can choose what they like best and make it favorite or add it to their own collections by simply doing ‘pin’. In this way, so viral any element is seen and shared quickly, easily and above all very visually by thousands of people … and with little effort. In the same way, you can follow the collections of your friends to be inspired by the things that they like.


Skype is an application that, thanks to an Internet connection, allows free communication between different users of this program, regardless of where they are in the world. This practical software is used to make calls and video calls, send instant messages and share files with other users who use this app.

Its users can also communicate with other people who do not have Skype, that is, call conventional telephones or the number of a mobile phone, although for this they must pay a tariff, annual or monthly, stipulated according to the destination country (and in very economic general).


Although not as famous as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, Tumblr is another platform for interaction with Internet users who want to maintain an updated and active life in the media through videos, chats, photos, links, and everything that Like the Internet registered in one place. In this way, Tumblr incorporates a system called micro blogging that consists of sharing through words or short phrases of other bloggers that we like, that interests us and even make re blog (publish in our blogs) of the most striking and outstanding articles and notes. Then, it is a social network in which high-quality content stands out, both of the images, videos, and texts that are published that make them valuable and transcendent information.

World ranking of social networks

Next, we show you the ranking of the social networks that are used all over the world according to the study done by We Are Social and Hootsuite in January 2018 (considering that the world population in that month was 7,562 million, we talked about numbers considerable).


Social network Description Number of active users
1. Facebook The most powerful social network in the world does not stop growing. It continues innovating and increasing its number of users more and more. 2 167 million
2. YouTube This large distributor of video content continues to be one of the most powerful in the list despite not having made major changes to its platform. 1 500 million
3. Whatsapp This messaging application changed the way of communicating from the whole world. Thanks to its versatility, it does not stop conquering users. 1.3 billion
4. FB Messenger This other messaging tool arrived to steal some users to WhatsApp. Taking advantage of the large public of Facebook this application tends to continue growing. 1.3 billion
5. Instagram The social network that shares images is constantly growing and increases its audience more and more. After its association with Facebook, the tendency is to continue growing. 800 million
6. Tumblr This microblogging platform allows you to share virtually all types of content, text, images, appointments, audio, video, links and has a chat function. His phrase ” Tumblr is blogs ” gives an idea of what can be found in it. 794 million active users
7. Twitter This social network is being left behind worldwide, with the increase in the number of characters allowed to 280, its intention is to attract more users, but it is not so easy. 330 million
8. Skype This software allows the world to communicate. Many people and companies use it to make calls, video calls, file sharing or simply messages. 300 million
9. LinkedIn The social network for professionals is also quite useful for companies, especially for B2B businesses, which is why it continues to grow.  260 million


10. Snapchat This messaging application allows the sending of files that after being viewed by the recipient disappear between one and 10 seconds. 255 million


11. Pinterest This network to share images from websites. So far it has been growing slowly, but this probably will change. 200 million


Speaking of percentages

According to the latest research, it was found that the population of America is a fan of social networks. Of the total of people inhabiting this part of the continent, 42% use social networks and everything indicates that this percentage will grow much more. This is one more reason for companies to optimize the strategies of digital marketing and develop a good relationship with the public via networks. Among the American countries, Brazil stands out as the nation that most uses social networks. Currently, it has more than 93 million users.

Apart from being the # 1 user, it takes a good distance from Mexico. This country has 56 million people actively participating in social networks, approximately. Although these numbers are considered expressive, they are still a bit far from what the estimate is for 2019.

Among the most used networks mentioned above, Facebook is the one that attracts the most users, thus, it has become the most used network by Americans. According to an investigation conducted by eMarketer, the company reached almost 70% of the population. In Brazil, of the total number of people using the networks, 95% have an account or page in Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

On Twitter, we can say that it is a known rival of Facebook, but in America, it does not have a very high singing. EMarketer also found that less than 17% of Americans use this microblogging network. The use of Twitter did not reach the percentage of LinkedIn that today has 22.8 million users.

Another important fact that we must talk about is that 53% of the population of America uses the internet. Of this percentage, 85% use YouTube and 50% access Google+. Instagram is also a social network used by the regional public. Currently, it has more than 60 million registered users.  As you can see, the use of social networks in America is very high.

The search for keeping distant contacts, the possibility of companies having a closer relationship with consumers and online presence are some of the main reasons for the expressive use of networks.