PS4 Owners Can Download These Two Games For Free

Sony’s Play At Home initiative is offering every single PS4 proprietor the opportunity to get their hands on two free games at the present time and its ideal planning. If you’re in any way similar to us, being bolted at home is causing a genuine strain on the game inventory!

At the present time Sony is presenting Journey, and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection for free. Furthermore, it’s incredibly free too.

Not at all like different offers like this you don’t should be a PlayStation Plus supporter. What’s more, the games will be accessible to you forever, as well. Once more, in contrast to PlayStation Plus games.

Journey is a game that has accomplished something of a religion status among PS4 games so it’s likely one that everybody ought to download now, just to state you’ve played it.


The subsequent game is a genuine deal. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection gets you the initial three Uncharted games, all remastered for the PS4. So you could contend that you’re getting two games, yet four. as though this wasn’t at that point an entirely astounding arrangement.

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You can make a beeline for the PSN Store to get your games at this moment, yet if you’re not close to your PS4 right now you can “purchase” your free games on the web, as well. Do remember that this offer terminates on May 5.

It is a rare occurrence you find the opportunity to get free games and it’s much rarer that they’re in reality entirely incredible games, as well.