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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Highlights: What will it do?

Recently released cases and screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 uncover renders of the completed product. While this isn’t actually groundbreaking – exact pictures of the Note 10 have been doing the rounds for quite a while – it is fascinating to take another look at the phablet before it launches this August.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Three rear cameras? Check. Centrally-aligned selfie camera? Obviously. Tremendous, bezel-less display? Of course. The main thing these images exclude is proof of a 3.5mm headphone jack, which is a real disgrace. Still, there’s consistently the next leak.

Sound on Display Technology

Quite possibly the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could launch with a very unique type of smartphone audio technology. Our most loved cell phone news leaker Ice Universe posted a Tweet that spoke finally about Sound on Display (SoD) technology, and the manner it will be implemented in the upcoming Note 10.

Sound on Display technology

SoD uses vibrating hardware under the display of a smartphone to produce sound. This dispenses with the requirement for visible speakers, which in turn permits handsets – like the Galaxy Note 10 – to commit as much room as physically conceivable to a lovely display. Obviously, there are worries that using SoD sacrifices audio quality for aesthetic appeal, however between you and me, I know which one I value more…


In a response to a remark on a Tweet that initially shed some light on the game of the Note 10’s cameras, IceUniverse affirmed with huge degrees of nonchalance that the upcoming phablet will use UFS 3 technology.


For the uninformed, UFS 3 is the new standard of speedy storage, as SSDs in laptops. The OnePlus 7 Pro has it, and the upcoming Galaxy Fold and Galaxy S10 5G will have it as well; Practically speaking, it will make the Note 10 feel noticeably quicker when loading complex apps or documents. This makes Samsung one of the earliest adopters of the technology.

No 64-megapixel Camera

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 won’t have a 64-megapixel back camera. Serial leaker Ice Universe impart the news on Twitter to apparently no provocation, in spite of the fact that 64-megapixel cameras are reputed to be the next big thing for smartphones, which means this is definitely not an absolutely irregular Tweet.

No 64-megapixel camera

Almost certainly this is disappointing news for Samsung fans. The Note 10 is destined to be the very definition of ‘cutting edge’ when it launches this year; with a size 6.66in display, Samsung’s most recent phablet could even profit from a rear camera with a high megapixel count.

Mammoth Display

One thing we do believe that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will highlight is a mammoth 6.66in display. This is as per respected analyst Ice Universe (by means of Twitter).

Mammoth display

The Note range has reliably been one of the biggest premium smartphones on sale in the course of the most recent decade or somewhere in the vicinity, and there are fears that a 6.66 in display could be out of line. Ice Universe has suppressed these, however, by expressing that a progressively narrow aspect ratio will surprisingly mean that the handset is smaller than its predecessor, the Note 9.

If this rumour is valid, the Note 10 display would be bigger than those of the iPhone Xs Max and Google Pixel 3 XL, and would be dangerously close to crossing from phablet into tablet territory.

Note 10

New Wireless Charger

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could likewise accompany a new wireless charger. The news originates from GSMArena, who discovered that the charger has just been sent to the FCC – the association in charge of directing America’s radio, TV and phone ventures – for affirmation.

The charger, called the EP-N5200, is supposed to reach 20W, and is “likely part between two charging coils”. One for the Galaxy Note 10 and the other for the upcoming Galaxy Watch 2.

Note 10

The EP-N5200 is said to look like the EP-P5200 charger, which released close by the Galaxy S10. It’s likely we will see the equivalent here, with Samsung harmonizing the launches of the Galaxy Note 10 and this new, wireless charger.

A 3.5mm Headphone Jack?

Both the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Pro will not have headphone jacks, as indicated to recent rumours. Coming from XDA’s Max Weinbach in a recent tweet, he claims one of his sources has had a hands-on with two versions of the upcoming Galaxy Note 10.

A 3.5mm headphone

Initially expressing that the phone would have headphone jacks, Max later explained that both versions of the Note 10 would really not have a headphone jack. This is because “Samsung added a phony headphone jack to the unit to trick people”.

In his original tweet, Max additionally claimed that the Note 10 has no top speaker grill, smaller bezels and centered single hole punch cameras, just as other fascinating details. The non-Pro Note 10 model likewise lacks a micro SD card slot.