Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Supports Super-Fast 45W Charging

Super-fast charge: it looks like something nobody would mind having on the phone, right? This is what Samsung calls the charging technology used by its new Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ smartphones. Both new devices come with a 25-watt charger in the package, a noticeable improvement over the Note 9 and Galaxy S10 series supplied with 15-watt chargers. And an extra powerful special charger can recharge the Note 10+ with up to 45 watts! All in all, super-fast charging seems like a welcome improvement that all Note 10 and 10+ owners will enjoy, but this new feature comes with a lot of small characters that we think should come to light.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

The Super-Fast 45W charging is available only on the Galaxy Note 10+

As they say, only the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ will support super-fast charging up to 45 watts. It seems that the smaller Galaxy Note 10 can only be charged at speeds up to 25 watts, judging from what is stated in the specifications sheet.

Is it a subtle tactical maneuver designed to get people to buy the more expensive Note 10+? Well, probably not. The problem with fast charging is that not only do you need a suitable charger, but also a battery that can handle the charge flow. And the bigger the battery, the easier and safer it is to charge it quickly. The Note 10+ comes with a 4300 mAh battery, the largest of a Note smartphone. At the same time, the faster a battery can be charged, the less charge it can hold per unit of volume. In other words, if the cell of the Note 10 battery supported a 45 W load, it may not have been able to maintain its 3500 mAh charge.

45W Charging Requires A Special Adapter And Should Not Come From Samsung


As we said before, both Galaxy Note 10 models are equipped with 25W wall adapters in the package. If you want to enjoy a quick recharge of 45 W on your Galaxy Note 10+, you will need to purchase a new power block. Samsung already has a suitable wall adapter on its website, available in black or white. Prices are not known, but the items indicate a price of $50.

It is interesting to note that it appears that the Samsung power adapter is not necessary to get an even faster charge on the Galaxy Note 10+. Both Galaxy Note 10 models are compatible with the USB Power Delivery standard, which means that they will be quickly charged even by compatible third-party chargers. Anker, for example, has a 60W USB-PD power adapter priced at $55. Despite the higher nominal power, using that adapter will not blow up your Note 10 or 10+. The charging device receives only how much energy has been designed to handle.

Does Superfast 45W Charge Cause Damage To The Galaxy Note 10+ Battery?

It is no secret that lithium-ion batteries have a limited shelf life. Each discharge-discharge cycle eliminates a small fraction of a cell’s capacity due to the accumulation of microscopic internal defects. And yes, the faster a battery charges, the faster it loses capacity until it becomes unusable. On the other hand, a battery can be designed to better handle fast charging and Samsung knows some things about battery design. Moreover, the larger a battery, the easier it will be to handle higher charging rates and the 4,300 mAh cell of the Note 10+ is the largest in a Note phone to date. So, if you consider that the 45 W quick charge capabilities of the Note 10+ are practical, we believe that the battery that Samsung has chosen for the Note 10+ will handle the charge very well. But if you want your Note 10+ to last a long time or if you tend to charge the phone at night, you may want to avoid the chargers faster than the one Samsung has put in its case.

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