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SHAREit vs Xender [ Which is Better ]

Choose the best file sharing app, read our complete comparison of SHAREit Vs Xender. There are a lot of possibilities to transfer files from one device to another. Whether it is by cable, Bluetooth, NFC or by the network, our phones have a wide range of possibilities that allow us to transfer photographs, images, and video quickly. But despite there being a thousand and one methods of transferring files, I think we agree that I’m not the only one when you see how movies transfer images with just a gesture to the device where they want to view it in thousandths of a second.

SHAREit vs Xender
SHAREit vs Xender

SHAREit vs Xender:

Xender is an application that brings this technology closer, allowing us to pass files at breakneck speeds through an internal connection … and even with gestures like those.

Xender, share your files at breakneck speed:

Xender allows us to transfer files from our terminal (regardless of whether it is Android, iOS or Windows Phone) to any other device, whether phone, tablet or computer. To do this, the application uses a local network through which several devices are connected, allowing file transfers at high speeds. In our test we have managed to pass files of about 50MB in a matter of seconds, which makes the transfer using this method is postulated as a better option than Bluetooth and a more comfortable than cables.

SHAREit vs Xender

Xender will allow us to create groups of up to 4 people to which we will have to join, connecting several terminals and allowing data sharing between them. In addition, we can transfer the data from our smartphone to our computer just by scanning a QR code and without installing any software on our PC or Mac. With Xender we can also stream from our mobile to a computer, this function being of great interest if we are away from home.

[su_button url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cn.xender&hl=en” target=”blank” background=”#0dabd1″ size=”7″ center=”yes” desc=”Click Here To Download” rel=”nofollow”]Xender for Android[/su_button]


[su_button url=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/xender-file-transfer-sharing/id898129576?mt=8″ target=”blank” background=”#0dabd1″ size=”7″ center=”yes” desc=”Click Here To Download” rel=”nofollow”]Xender for iOS[/su_button]


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One step forward in data transfer

There is no doubt that we are facing an app that really marks a before and after when you know it. Xender is a new application that will be very useful to pass files between devices. This application is available on Google Play and we can really assure that it is a very useful application that can change the way we transfer files between devices. What do you think of Xender? Do you think it is useful or do you prefer other ways of transferring information?


When it comes to file sharing the speed of the internet connection is essential, since depending on what we have hired the same file may take a few seconds to move to another device or several minutes. Therefore, it is always good to have a program available to transfer files quickly, and one of the best is SHAREit. Yes, there are many applications that allow transferring files from PC to PC, but there are not many that also allow transferring files between different operating systems and between different devices. Well, one of these applications in SHAREit and Softzone we explain how it works.

SHAREit vs Xender

The SHAREit application is available for Windows, Android, Windows Phone, Mac and iOS. To download it in any of these operating systems you have to click here. Once downloaded and installed, the application itself will explain what we have to do to share files, although the truth is that it is quite easy. If we want to share files with a mobile device, we just have to install the app on the phone and it will ask us to scan the QR code to connect to the computer application. Once this is done we can share any file instantly, it is very easy.

Configuration of SHAREit

The trick to transfer files so quickly is that SHAREit does not use the Internet connection, but uses a technology called Wi-Fi SoftAP that creates a personal network and allows other devices to send and receive files. This guarantees a high transfer speed. But SHAREit not only allows you to transfer files quickly, but it is also quite safe. Although the Safe Mode function is disabled by default, it is convenient to activate it to prevent other devices without permission from connecting to this network. With the Safe Mode feature, you will always need a password so that another device can connect.

[su_button url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lenovo.anyshare.gps&hl=en” target=”blank” background=”#0dabd1″ size=”7″ center=”yes” desc=”Click Here To Download” rel=”nofollow”]SHAREit for Android[/su_button]


[su_button url=”https://itunes.apple.com/pk/app/shareit-connect-transfer/id725215120?mt=8″ target=”blank” background=”#0dabd1″ size=”7″ center=”yes” desc=”Click Here To Download” rel=”nofollow”]SHAREit for iOS[/su_button]

In addition, from our profile, located in the lower left corner of the program, we can also change the destination folder of downloads, as well as change our username and the icon that represents us. We can also add those devices that we consider trustworthy so that they can always send files without having to give them permission all the time. To finish it must be said that SHAREit also allows file sharing without installing the application. Using the WebShare function, with installing the app on a single device, we will only have to connect to the IP provided by SHAREit from the device that does not have the application installed to transfer the files.

As you can see, it is a very useful, simple, and also very safe app.

What do you think?