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SnapChat Screenshot Without Them Knowing

When snapchat initially started, its biggest selling point was the snaps you sent would not be screenshot by the recipients or they cannot even store your snap as well. There are many people who want to get through this anti-screenshot feature of snapchat and if you are of one those people then you need to read this article till the and as we are sharing with 4 methods that might help you out to screenshot the snaps without being detected.

Snapchat disappears all the pictures, films following a predetermined timeframe. The entire concept that snapchat follows is something that is sent between the consumers is not permanent until the receiver takes a screenshot of that snapchat and the sender gets the notification along with the screenshot taken. But if you don’t want the other person to get notified about the screenshot that you took then you can follow some methods mentioned below. We hope that one of the methods works for you.

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Take A screenshot on Snapchat Without Them Knowing


Method 1: Clearing App Data

This is quite a tedious process but there is no involvement of sideloading or installing the third-party apps. This idea is quite simple as you just need to let snapchat load the story, turn off the internet connection and take the screenshot and you need to clear the cache and data from the settings of the app before snapchat send any type of notification to the sender. Follow the steps below to do it properly

clear snapchat data

  1. Open snapchat and let snapchat load the snap fully.
  2. Turn off the mobile data/ wifi or go to airplane mode.
  3. Now go to the snap and take the screenshot.
  4. Now, this step is the most important. Go to the System Settings => Apps => Snapchat => Storage => Clear Cache and Clear Data.

The best thing about this method is that the receiver will not get notified about the snap that you screenshot. But the drawback with this method is that you will be log out from the app after and you will log in again.


  • No third-party apps are required for this method
  • No notification of snap sends to the receiver and it does not even mark as seen


  • Login every time after performing this method
  • Tedious method

Method 2: Using a Screen Recording App

There is a shortcoming in snapchat that it does not detect if your recording the screen or not while in the app and the method that we are going to explain will take full advantage of this drawback.

  1. Go to google play Store and download any screen recording app. Our recommended app is Az Screen Recorder that works quite well.

[appbox googleplay com.hecorat.screenrecorder.free&hl=en]

  1. Go to snapchat and start recording the screen.
  2. While the app is recording in the background, you can view snaps and stories that you want to take screenshots of.
  3. You can stop the recording once you are done with the snaps and stories and the recorded file will be saved in your phone’s gallery.
  4. Now from the recorded file, you can take the screenshot as many as you want.

This method is quite flexible as compare to the previous one as you can record the video as long as you want but you might need the patience to handle such long videos. Make sure your phone’s resolution is high and format for the best possible results.


  • It can be done while chatting
  • The perfect method if you want to take multiple screenshots
  • It can capture videos as well


  • It requires a good amount of storage
  • First screen recording and taking a screenshot will require a considerable amount of time

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Method 3: Using the Google Assistant

This method is quite smart as compared to the other in the list that you can use to take the screenshot without letting the receiver know about it. We don’t for how long this method is patched by Snapchat but as long as it is available you can use it to its fullest.

google assistant

  1. Open the snap in snapchat app that you want to take the screenshot.
  2. Hold down the home button or say Ok Google.
  3. Ask the Google Assistant or type it out to Take a screenshot for you.

The whole process is quite easy and simple but there is one that might annoy you and it is that it does not give you an option to save the screenshot to your phone’s gallery directly but other various sharing options appear.


  • Simple yet fast.
  • No need for any third-party apps.


  • It will save the screenshot directly to the phone’s gallery

Note: If you are using the Android device that does not support Google Assistant then we are sharing with you an alternative that you can use. Copy (Text & Screenshots) is the free Android app that works quite similar to Google Assistant. You just to tell it to take the screenshot by long pressing the home button and clicking on the image icon.

[appbox googleplay com.weberdo.apps.copy]

Method 4: SnapSaver

Another app that you can download from the Google Play Store. SnapSaver allows you to take screenshot secretly. This method is like a hybrid of the previous two methods. You just need to start your session and take a screenshot of the screen anytime during the session.


  1. Open SnapSaver and start your session.
  2. From various options of Screen Recording, Screenshot, Integrated, Burst Screenshot. Select your required option. In our case we are talking about screenshots so click on Screenshot.
  3. Go to snapchat and open the snap that you want to take the screenshot.
  4. Click on camera icon to take the screenshot.
  5. After that end the session and go back to the app.

SnapSaver app has its own gallery where you will have all the screenshots that you have taken and you can share those screenshots directly from that SnapSaver’s gallery. There are a lot of other options in the setting of the app as well that you can choose.


  • Simple
  • Various options to choose such as Screen Recording, Screenshot, Integrated, Burst Screenshot.
  • Built-in gallery


  • Ads in SnapSaver’s free version

Tip: if you are using a Samsung Galaxy Note then you don’t need to follow these methods and you can just select S-pen’s Screen Write or Smart Select feature that will take the screenshot without even notifying the receiver.

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Final Words

That’s all. These were the 4 methods with pros and cons that you can use to take the screenshot without getting detected. I hope these methods help you to get your job done. Tell us in the comment section which method helped you and if there is any other way that can take the screenshot without being detected you can mention that as well in the comments to help others.

Till then enjoy taking a screenshot of others secretly as we will back soon with another interesting topic or guide to share with you.

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