Subscribers of T-Mobile are not happy with the way they manage Netflix’s price increase

T-Mobile and Netflix

Today, T-Mobile announced that its current plans for T-Mobile One and One Plus are evolving. With some improvements, the carriers have given its service plans the new names of Magenta and Magenta Plus. Magenta retains the same characteristics as T-Mobile One with two modifications. Subscribers receive 3 GB of high-speed tethering per line and unlimited 3G tethering once the high-speed limit is reached. And the second change has to do with the Netflix On Us gift from T-Mobile.

Families with a Magenta subscription receive Netflix Basic for free, something like a Netflix Standard rebate that T-Mobile One’s families have received. The difference between the two is that the latter transmits HD video, and only one screen can use the service at the same time.

T-Mobile is heading for this change because Netflix has increased its prices. As a result, starting in July, families registered with T-Mobile One must make a decision. They can pay an additional $2 a month to keep Netflix Standard, disable Netflix on us or switch to Magenta, where they will receive Netflix Basic for free. In January, the wireless service provider stated that it would absorb the higher prices of the video transmitter “for now”. But soon it will change.

Magenta Plus And All Packages

The Magenta Plus package includes everything in the T-Mobile One Plus plan but includes the free Netflix standard for families. The price remains the same, which means that Magenta for 4 lines will cost $140.

Magenta Plus is an additional $15 a month per line or $10 a month per line in accounts with two or more lines. Both plans offer unlimited calls, text messages, and high-speed data. Magenta Plus adds HD broadcasting, 20 GB of 4G LTE, the unlimited wireless connection on the flight and more.

If you are not satisfied with your Verizon or AT&T service but are afraid to change because you are getting a discount, T-Mobile offers you a way out. Bring your latest Verizon and AT & T bill to your local T-Mobile store.

If the bill shows ” an eligible corporate, affiliate, military or senior service discount, “, T-Mobile will connect you to your Magenta plan and will match the discount you currently receive in dollars per dollar, but in $5-dollar increments. The limit is $15 on one line and $30 on two or more connections.

The corresponding discounts will be available from 2 June.

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