Huawei Has Sold 16.5% More Phones Then Apple In The Second Quarter

Apple-and-Huawei phones

The global smartphone market continued to languish during the second quarter, according to the latest Gartner report. 367.9 million units were sold to end-users in the three-year period between April and June, 1.7% less than the 374.3 million units registered in the same period last year. The senior research director of the analytical company, Anshul … Read more

Huawei Has Shipped 118 Million Phones In The First Half Of The Year

Despite not being able to access your supply chain in the US. Since May, Huawei has still managed to eliminate competition in its home country. For the second quarter of this year, the manufacturer has sent 37.3 million phones nationwide, with a remarkable annual profit, regardless of the cut, of 31%. The next name on … Read more

US Companies Could Re-Start Sending Supplies To Huawei Very Soon


Because Huawei has been included in the list of entities of the US Commerce Department. In mid-May, the company was unable to access its supply chain in the country officially. Resulting companies like Google, Intel, Qualcomm, UK-based ARM group (which use American technology in some of their chip projects) and other companies have ties to … Read more

Huawei Hits it out of the Park with its Q1 smartphone sales, Most Likely Beating Apple Once More


2018 has been something of a crazy ride for Huawei, the exceedingly disputable media communications hardware seller that additionally somehow figured out to beat Apple for the second spot in worldwide smartphone shipments for two back to back quarters. At last, the China-based tech giant ranked third overall in the mobile device market a year … Read more