The Best Cases And Covers For Galaxy Note 10: Thin, Durable Or Official

The Galaxy Note 10 and the newly squeezed Note 10+ are already swinging on the pre-order track and many of you have already skipped the gun and clicked on the Buy button as soon as the phone was available for order. On the way to buying the best Samsung phone so far, it would be a great idea to take a case to wrap it, given the price range of the phones.

Although Note 10 and 10+ are covered from head to toe in a sturdy Gorilla Glass, the material is not strong enough to withstand a good and sincere encounter with a concrete slab. It will also inevitably be scratched by the usual wear and tear if you drive the phone naked and fearful as Samsung did.

In case you listen to the voice of reason and decide to wear your $950 + phablet, we have compiled some options you can take while you wait for the Note 10 to arrive at your door to close it and load it from day one. Sorry, Gorilla Glass 6 is tough, but whatever the generation, these glass phones today are not the same for flooring. Unless it is a ceramic model, it is so, but this does not apply to Note 10, so wrap it.

Galaxy Note official cases and prices 10/10 +


They say that the best things in life are the official range of accessories directly from manufacturers, and Samsung does not disappoint here, offering all categories of cases under the sun, except a battery, but Mophie should take care of it in due time.

The official Old-But Goldie S-View case, the silicone case, the LED View case, the leather wallet, and the sturdy protective case are available in colors like blue, white, black and red, which cover all body colors of Note 10 and then some.

There is also a sturdy protective case, plus a transparent silicone case that we consider one of the best casings you can find for your Samsung flagship, which fits perfectly. However, our personal favorite must be the LED back cover, a Galaxy S10 trio transfer, which solves the mystery of the missing notification light and seems streamlined in the process.

Galaxy Note 10 LED Back Cover – $54.99

Galaxy Note 10 Silicone Cover – $29.99

Galaxy Note 10 Rugged Protective Cover – $39.99

Galaxy Note 10 Leather Wallet Cover – $59.99

Galaxy Note 10 S-View Flip Cover – $59.99

Galaxy Note 10 LED Wallet Cover – $64.99

Official Galaxy Note 10 cases

Best Note 10 thin silicone cases

Spigen Galaxy Note 10 Case

The Spigen liquid crystal case is a safe option that is not too expensive and offers basic protection in a thin and light package. The case can be obtained for just $12 from Amazon and the transparent silicone reveals the colors of the Galaxy Note 10.

Galaxy Note 10: Speck Presidio Stay Clear Case

The Speck cases are with the expected quality of Samsonite products and with the respective unpleasant price like $ 44.95 for Stay Clear, which should go down quickly when you get to Amazon. It is a transparent and slim phone case that provides protection against falls from 8 feet, but the greatest added value is that (presumably) it will not yellow or fade over time. A limited lifetime warranty allows you to change it if it doesn’t work as advertised, although we’re not sure if the discoloration is covered as well.

Case-Mate Note 10 Tough Clear case

If you want a little more resistance in your transparent case, the Case-mate Tough Clear line offers 10-foot fall protection. The case works with wireless chargers and improved scratch-resistant sports technology.

The only drawback is the price of $40, for which it is possible to get three casings without a name, but it will soon be available with a discount, moreover, the label is not much worse than the official prices of the Samsung boxes, so it is worth protecting your $1000 investment.

Best rugged Note 10 cases

Spigen Tough Armor for Galaxy Note 10

Want more protection, but no more waste for the robust Samsung official protective case withstand? Insert the Spigen sturdy armor for the robust Galaxy Note 10 casing in a fairly thin form.

With a dual-layer structure that provides Spigen’s Air Cushion protective technology in the event of a fall, Tough Armor also has built-in support for those long video sessions on the huge HDR-compatible Note 10 screen.

Take it to the campsite or go at night, and it should give you peace of mind, even more so that the Amazon $17 price below is much lower than the official Spigen label.

UAG PLYO Galaxy Note 10 case

The Urban Armor Plyo line may seem expensive on the official $ 39.95 label but retains its slim and sleek Galaxy Note 10 or 10+ protection, at least for the rugged living standards.

Although you can still see the beautiful Aura Glow body of the Note 10 inside, the Plyo offers an armored carcass of a light compound, with a soft shock-resistant core and angular cushioning. The large and tactile buttons and the protective lips of the screen complete the rough but elegant offer and we particularly like this tone.

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