How To Solve YouTube Videos Not Playing On Linux

By | October 28, 2019

Linux based operating systems are a lot complicated as compared to other operating systems. It’s because such OS is developed for professionals and it’s a little difficult to manage. So most users get trapped in achieving simpler tasks. However, if you are guided well, nothing stays impossible.

Solve YouTube Videos Not Playing On Linux

Youtube is a platform that is preferred by every live stream user. It’s because users can find every genre of videos on it and it is not difficult to access the media files available on Youtube. But for Unbuntu or Linux based users, they may face an error of YouTube Videos Not Playing. So we are here to help you solve this issue.

How To Solve YouTube Videos Not Playing On Linux/Ubuntu

You know, most Youtube fans access this platform on their web browsers. So not every web browser is designed to work through all sorts of live streaming platforms. But many users get confused because they think every web browser should be supporting online videos on Youtube. As it should be, because it’s no doubt, one of the most famous live streaming platforms over the internet. So if anyone is having a difficulty that says, YouTube Videos Not Playing On Linux/Ubuntu, he should probably follow our guide.

Why You Are Facing This Problem?

There multiple categories of videos on Youtube. Also, everyone has installed different web browsers on Linux OS. So every web browser does not support the kind of media files you are trying to watch online. Well, to stay on the topic, Youtube first used flash videos. Such media files were easily accessible through Adobe Flash Players. But then, Google decided to turn things around. Now all the media files are converted to HTML5.

That’s probably the reason why YouTube Videos Not Playing On Linux. But it’s a problem that also comes with a solution. You can always install some codec files to get off this issue. You know if all the Audio Issues can be solved, we can also help you solve this one.

Though, there is a way to check your browser’s codec compatibility. For that, you will have to visit the official website of the HTML5 test. There on the right side, you can get the list of all the supported web codecs. So if it doesn’t support HTML5, the following guide about YouTube Videos Not Playing On Linux is drafted for you.

Fixing YouTube Videos Not Playing On Linux

There are two different categories in web browsers. The first one is the chromium-based and the second ones are the opposite. Yes, the Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, etc are from the first category. The other browser category is of web browsers like Firefox.


Solve YouTube Videos Not Playing On Linux

In chromium-based web browsers, a user is required to install a licensed codec by himself. As I told you earlier, your browser may not be supporting HTML5. But installing such codec files, he can get rid of the problem of YouTube Videos Not Playing on Linux.

There are two possible ways to get rid of this issue. One is by executing a simple command in the Linux terminal or by installing the .deb file manually. You are allowed to pick any method that you find easy to execute.

For doing it through the terminal, you are going to enter your browser’s name inside it. When the entered browser open’s a new window, you will be provided with a list of codecs that are supported in it. If something is missing, you will be provided with a simple command from the terminal that needs execution to get rid of the issue here. If not, you can just execute the following command by yourself inside the terminal window.

sudo apt update && sudo apt install chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra

If you don’t feel ok about using terminal commands, there is another way available for you. You can click here to get a .deb file from the internet. Download the file and then open it to install all the missing codec files. When done, restart your web browser and there will be no problem with YouTube Videos Not Playing on Linux.

For Web Browsers like Firefox

The only hope in solving YouTube Videos Not Playing On Linux on Firefox is by updating the web browser. But it can respond laggy sometimes and does not support all the codec files as well. It’s because such category programs only work best with OpenH.264. So if you can’t solve this issue and still facing difficulty, you can always stick with the Chromium-based web browsers on Linux or Ubuntu.

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