2020 iPhone SE is Similar to iPhone 8

The 2020 iPhone SE is fundamentally the same as the iPhone 8 from a planning perspective. Inside likewise, it is a concoction of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 11 parts. A teardown of the iPhone SE close by the iPhone 8 now shows exactly how similar the two phones inside are also.

The iPhone SE and the iPhone 8 offer generally a similar key part including a similar battery limit and size. There are a couple of minor differences like the iPhone SE highlighting another modem offering quicker Gigabit LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity, another battery connector that is likewise found on the iPhone 11/Pro series, and an updated LED flashlight setup. The camera module is likewise different since the iPhone SE uses iPhone XR’s sensor with the iPhone 8 focal point.

Just to show how similar both these phones were, the YouTuber exchanged a portion of the parts between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 8 and they worked fine and dandy. This incorporates swapping the iPhone 8’s display on the iPhone SE which fits the device flawlessly and furthermore worked with no issues.

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In spite of Apple resuing the iPhone 8 structure and the greater part of its segments on the 2020 iPhone SE, the last is being hailed as the best spending plan smartphone under $500 right now on account of its astounding exhibition. The imaging capacities of the iPhone SE are likewise quite great notwithstanding the phone just having a solitary camera at the back.

The $399 iPhone SE dispatches in more than 40 nations on April 24.