Best 5 QR Scanner Apps for Android

Best 5 QR Scanner Apps for Android

Best QR Scanner Apps – A many times back barcode was introduced by IBM. Barcode is used to overlook different products present in retail stores. It can be used to find fake products or dupe of the original bones
. Other than this it can also be used for counting prices. Cashiers do n’t need to check the price of every single item, they just put the bar law in front of the scanner and price is set up.

With the increase in technology, we can say the coming interpretation or coming step of the barcode is also available now. It’s named as QR scanner apps. In this case, QR patterns can be fluently scrutinized through cameras of mobile phones or QR Scanner apps for Android. The app does n’t need any special type of scanner. For this purpose, Android bias having Android interpretation 8/ Oreo or lesser than this can perform this function without any app. But bias having an android interpretation aged than8.0 need QR Scanner apps.

Best QR Scanner Apps for Android

In this post, we will bandy 5 stylish QR scanner apps for Android. QR law is a combination of blotches that together make a pattern. It’s used to store data containing both rudiments and figures. To overlook these QR canons, different types of apps are available on the google play store. 5 stylish QR scanner apps are

1. QR & Barcode Scanner

Download Best QR Scanner Apps QR & Barcode Scanner

Rating on play store: 4.4

Price: free

QR Scanner Apps QR & barcode scanner is an app by play gamma. The app is used for surveying barcodes and QR canons. It’s a veritably fast and simple apple. The moment you’ll overlook any QR pattern through the app, it’ll snappily reveal all the data. This data can be some URL, textbook, dispatch, ISBN, timetable, dispatch, position, etc. No other step is needed.

After surveying the law, the app will give you different options similar as to save the contact information and to visit the URL. It also gives an option of an reversed checkup. Due to this function, the app can overlook white barcodes on a black background. But this function is available on limited bias.

2. QR Code Reader and Scanner by Kaspersky Lab

Download Best QR Scanner Apps QR Code Reader

Rating on play store: 4.4

Price: Free 

QR Scanner Apps for android by Kaspersky. As we know that Kaspersky is a cybersecurity company, so security will be their priority for any app. The best thing about this app is that when any QR code is scanned, this app checks the website first. Once the security of the website is made sure, it will quickly open the website for the user.

It also saves the history of all QR codes. But it is not a compulsory function, you can disable it by unticking history option in settings. There is also an option of informing the user after a successful scan through vibration or tone. QR code reader and scanner is considered as one the fastest scanning apps. This app is very simple to use.

3. QR Droid

Download Best QR Scanner Apps QR Droid

Rating on play store: 4.3

Price: Free

QR Scanner Apps QR Droid app was developed by DroidLa inventors. It has different types of responses to different data. For illustration, if data is some web address, it’ll automatically open the website for you. But this function has a debit as well. A debit in a sense that it can pierce any dangerous website. This debit can be overcome by changing the settings of the app. This app has one of the most customized settings

With this app, you can also form QR canons to partake connections, position paths, bookmarks, etc. It also syncs your data with google drive automatically. This app also organizes checkup history with the help of kind and group functions.

4. QR code reader by scan

Download Best QR Scanner Apps QR code reader by scan

Rating on play store: 4.4

Price: Free

The QR law anthology is one of the notorious apps on play store with millions of downloads. The app is veritably presto in speed and occupies veritably little space. This app was developed by overlook. A unique point of this app is that you can review the address before opening it. For this purpose, you’ll have to change the settings.

The app provides a button to switch on a flashlight for low light scripts. But most importantly for this function device should have a builtin flashlight. This QR law anthology can also be used to overlook barcodes as well. As it’s a free app so it’ll show many advertisements.

5. Lightning QR code scanner

Download Best QR Scanner Apps Lightning QR

Rating on play store: 4.2

Price: Free

Lightning QR law scanner is an app used for surveying barcodes and QR canons. Other than it can also produce QR law. You can use this app to produce a QR law of your wifi. No internet is needed to overlook any QR law. overlook history is saved in this app. So you can recoup it any time.

It’s a secure app and does n’t need numerous warrants. Rather it only needs authorization to pierce the camera. You can indeed overlook QR and barcodes from the gallery. This app is available on google play store. This is a free app. But it can be installed in bias having android interpretation4.4 or newer.


These are 5 stylish QR scanner apps for android. All of these apps are useful in surveying QR canons depending upon the interpretation of your Android. Along with QR canons, it can also overlook barcodes. So by surveying barcodes in the request, you can compare the product’s price with the original price on the internet. This post will help you in opting the stylish scanner app.