4 Best Wireshark Alternatives For Android

4 Best Wireshark Alternatives For Android

Wireshark Alternatives

There are a few Wireshark alternatives for Android. These tools are web-based and allow you to view network issues. One of them is CloudShark, which is easy to use and lets you drag and drop files. These applications are also free and easy to use, and should suffice if you’re a casual network security enthusiast. Read on to learn more about these apps.

Mojo Packets

If you’re looking for an Android application that’s more powerful than the native Wireshark, you’ve come to the right place. Mojo Packets is a network analysis tool that can capture packets, monitor traffic, and visualize WiFi connections. It supports any pcap packet trace, and includes SSL Capture for capturing http and https packets via VPN services. The software also decodes the data it captures and saves it automatically.

This powerful network traffic analyzer is free and easy to use. It converts network traffic into human-readable format so that you can easily interpret it. You can see everything from the latency of packets to the volume of traffic. This tool is suitable for professionals, but it does require root access to download. You can also try out a free trial version by signing up with an email address.

Another Wireshark alternative is tcpdump-arm, which interacts with network traffic. Like Wireshark, it’s free and available on Android. It requires a rooted device and a Terminal Access program. There are many Terminal Emulators available on the Play Store. This application is available for Windows and Android and is based on the same interface. It can intercept HTTP, HTTPS, and HTTP2, and can issue certificates on the fly.

Then there’s NetMonster, a free app that collects data from nearby towers. While NetMonster is free, it requires root access. This application is also compatible with GSM, CDMA, and WCDMA networks. You can also use tPacketCapture if you don’t want to root your phone. If you don’t want to root your phone, you can also use tPacket Capture or Debug Proxy.

While Mojo Packets aren’t as advanced as Wireshark, it still performs excellent network traffic analysis. It records data in pcap format and has a built-in VPN for security purposes. And it works without root permission. These are just some of the many Wireshark alternatives for Android. So, which one should you use?

WiFi Analyzer

If you’re looking for a great network monitoring tool for your Android phone, Wireshark might not be the best option for you. Instead, try one of Wifi analyzer Wireshark alternatives. These tools can help you analyze data in real time, identifying problems with your connection, and providing detailed reports. Listed below are four of the best Wireshark alternatives for Android.

Wireshark Alternatives Wifi Analyzer


Omnipeek. Omnipeek is free but has some limitations, so you should try the free version before you buy it. While this tool can’t gather packets itself, it’s an excellent choice for monitoring bandwidth abusers. If you’re not sure which alternative is best for you, check out tcpdump. This network mapper is great for troubleshooting and command line users.

WiFi Analyzer. This app works by analyzing WiFi networks and shows detailed information about each network. It also analyzes wired connections. You can view your mac address and IP address in real time. WiFi Analyzer is a great option if you want to snoop your network without paying for a paid version. And don’t worry about proxy settings. WPSApp is also an excellent Wireshark alternative.

Mobile Device Center. This app is also for MacOS users. The MacOS version works much the same as Wireshark. It uses pins to test network vulnerability. It also monitors network traffic in the same subnet. It helps you find devices and people using Wifi and other resources. It also helps you diagnose network vulnerabilities. In addition to these, you can view and share your analysis of network traffic.

CloudShark. This Android network monitoring app is a web-based application that functions like a dropbox. You can drag and drop files to analyze network problems. CloudShark works with multiple networks and is easy to use. Hence, it’s one of the best Wireshark alternatives for Android. But be sure to try these options and you’ll be pleased with your new app.

Wireshark Alternatives omnipeek


Among the many Wireshark alternatives for Android, cSploit is considered one of the best. It is a comprehensive penetration testing tool that can easily hack into the network of any device. Its powerful features include creation of TCP and UDP packets, execution of MITM attacks, DNS spoofing, redirection and hijacking sessions. Its developer is actively working on improving the software.

Some of the Wireshark alternatives for Android require root access. This is necessary for decrypting SSL connections. If you’re looking for a network packet capture tool, you should try cSploit or zAnti. Besides that, you can also use Netcut to disconnect WiFi connections and perform man-in-the-middle attacks. However, these options require root access, so they’re not suitable for everyone.

cSploit and zAnti are both excellent Wireshark alternatives for Android. They both perform similar functions, allowing you to sniff network traffic and capture packet images. While Wireshark has more advanced features, these tools are not as simple to use. For example, ZAnti can detect wifi passwords and change MAC addresses. zAnti doesn’t offer full access to network packets, but it does allow you to control and monitor the network.

While cSploit is similar to zAnti, a fork of dSploit, it’s a good choice for Android users. Unlike zAnti, cSploit can also perform MITM attacks and map the local network. Moreover, it includes a built-in traceroute function. Then, it also allows you to add your own hosts, which is convenient for real-time traffic manipulation. Using cSploit, you can also break connections, decrypt WiFi passwords, and perform session hijacking.

Another Wireshark Android alternative is NetMonster. It is available on the Google Play store but does not contain advertisements and can also collect network data. There are also cSploit, zAnti, and Disconnect WiFi. While these three applications may not be as powerful as Wireshark, they all offer the same basic functionality. And they are also free.


The Wireshark app for Android is not exactly a replacement for the software. Its purpose is to help you debug your network problems by analyzing network packets. However, this app has its limitations. To use this app, you must have root access to the device. Other Wireshark alternatives for Android are not as sophisticated as the real thing. To get started, download the free version and then follow the directions to install the app.

There are many alternatives to Wireshark for Android. You can try Wifispect, which is web-based, or CloudShark, which is a wireshark alternative for Android. While these apps are not as powerful as the original Wireshark, they offer many similar features. CloudShark also functions as a dropbox and is extremely user-friendly.

Another Wireshark alternative for Android is CloudShark, a web-based application for network traffic analysis. It allows you to upload pcap files and analyze them in Chrome. CloudShark is a good alternative to Wireshark, as it can analyze a variety of network problems and does not require root permission. There are some downsides, though.

CloudShark can be downloaded from the web or from a mobile app. It can be used to view network packets in real-time and has many features. It is free and open source. Unlike Wireshark, CloudShark is a good choice for users who are not sure of the benefits of Wireshark. The benefits of using CloudShark over Wireshark are numerous.

A commercial Wireshark alternative is CloudShark. This application offers advanced features for analyzing network data and has a simple user interface. Users can share their network capture files via the web or collaborate with others. CloudShark is a cloud-based alternative to Wireshark, which is a good choice for professional network analysts. This application is available in English, Spanish, and Italian.

While Wireshark is not yet available for Android, you can install an open-source application, such as CloudShark, to sniff your network traffic. It is not necessary to have root access to use CloudShark, as this tool can be installed from your browser. Its clean interface allows you to view all network traffic. Aside from being free, CloudShark is also a great wireshark alternative for Android.

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