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360 Robot Vacumu Cleaner Review: This Might Be the Cheapest Option You’ve Been Looking For

Robotic vacuum cleaners are not a new concept here because they are around the world for a number of years. But what has changed recently is that now you can pick an inexpensive robotic vacuum cleaner and it also works pretty good. 360 robot cleaner is the example of that and nobody asked about why it is cheap.


360 robot vacuum cleaner is less expensive as compared to market competitors like Roomba and it also available on Amazon with the price of 380$. You might think that it is an expensive vacuum because it is a proper robotic vacuum cleaner and you have to save money to purchase it or another proper robotic cleaner. Now you don’t have to spend money on expensive robotic vacuum cleaner like Roomba. You can get 360 Robot vacuum cleaner in just $380. I had suggested you don’t spend your money on the purchase of Roomba at all and purchase 360 vacuum instead.


There are many reasons for this suggestion aside from price you also like this 360 robotic vacuum cleaner just by using it for a few days. Its features are amazing and working of this vacuum will satisfy you and you really like it.

Features-wise, there’s a lot to like here.

  • To create a pretty accurate map of its surroundings because of its LDS lidar which scans 2000 times every second. You will found it to be better at mapping than some of the other cleaners They don’t go missing as often as some others. They also support multiple maps. It is perfect if you want to take this thing upstairs.


  • It mops well it does not matter if you have a hardwood or laminate floor. It is the right thing to mop your floor and it does it regardless.
  •  It doesn’t make any noise, It’s surprisingly quiet even if you use it at full chat. It won’t disturb the neighbors like other products.

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  • It’s super slim. It has just 0.7-inches in height. it can get into places other cleaners can’t go.