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4 Ways To Clear Cache on Android

Whenever you feel annoyed by the full disk storage error, it’s mostly because your cache memory is consuming a lot of disk storage space. But you can’t disable the cache storage because its a facility enabled by default. So your only hope is to clear cache memory from time-to-time.

There are two types of cache memory in every Android device. One is the memory that’s stored by every single app you install. And the other is the files that are stored in the backend from the system itself. So here, I’ll tell you the 4 Ways To Clear Cache on Android. You know its an easy task but if you are willing to take full care of your device’s storage, then all of these methods are beneficial for you.

How Do I Clear Cache on Android?

Clearing cache on Android becomes a lot easier if you know how to do it. Because all the Android OS has the same settings, you just need to understand the idea put behind every method.

1) Clear All Cache At-Once

  • Navigate into the settings app and select “Device Maintenance”

Clear Cache on Android

  • From the lower taskbar, tap on “Storage”

Clear Cache on Android

  • Here, either see the junk files and hit “Delete/Clean NOW”

Clear Cache on Android

  • Close the settings and you are good to go.


2) Clear App Cache

  • From the device’s settings, open “Apps/Apps & Notifications”

Clear Cache on Android

  • Select any app of which you want to clear the cache.

Clear Cache on Android

  • Go to the “Storage” tab.

Clear Cache on Android

  • Hit the “Clear Cache” button.

Clear Cache on Android

3) Run Wipe Cache Partition

Clear Cache on Android

  • Shut down your Android device.
  • Long press Power & volume down button.
  • When the Samsung logo starts to appear, release the buttons and now press the volume up button.
  • Release all the buttons when you see the bootloader interface.
  • Use the volume keys to navigate to the “Recovery” option and select it via the power button.
  • Now use the same keys to select “Wipe Cache Partition”

4) Access Third-Party Apps

Clear Cache on Android

If making tweaks or customizations is not your style, then you can use the free third-party apps to get the job done. There are plenty of cache cleaner apps that are easy to handle. For instance, the Clean Master can be a good option to claim our reward here. But I do recommend you download the from the Google Play Store, because its safe and there’s no hassle in installing it.

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