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5 things we expect from iPhone 12

All media speculate on the possibility that next year will be the final year for Apple’s iPhone line. The year in which the company finally innovates in the design of its mobile phones.

And while we wait for the details and rumors to start circulating on the web, we can reveal all those features, specifications and changes that we expect the iPhone 12 of 2020 to include.

From a completely radical design to a new technology for your screen. Read on to discover all the wonders that the line of iPhone 12 models holds for us.

1. A design inspired by the iPhone 4

One of the rumors that have been taking more force over the past few months is that Apple plans to be inspired by the design of the iPhone 4 for the development of its 2020 mobile phone line. Specifically, the iPhone 12 is expected to have a metal chassis, flat edges and a glass cover very similar to the one that was so successful with the iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 design

It is risky to venture to think that the iPhone 12 will have flat edges since Apple’s tendency has been to offer a design with curved edges with its iPhone X, XS and 11. But if we take a look at the flat edges of the iPad Pro third generation and its renewed design, everything starts to make sense.

2. Available in different sizes

Apple has two options, launch three new phones with the same size as the iPhone 11 models or launch three smartphones with different sizes. And some rumors indicate that during the year 2020 the company of the bitten apple will present an iPhone of 5’4 inches, an iPhone of 6’2 inches and an iPhone of 6’7 inches.

This would imply a small jump in the screen size of the iPhone “Max” but a decrease in the size of the successor screen of the iPhone 11 Pro. A theory that would enhance the belief of the iPhone XE nomenclature (iPhone XS + iPhone SE).

3. An iPhone without a notch

The frame for the front camera and facial recognition sensors, popularly known as a notch, was introduced with the arrival of the iPhone X. Since then, this design element of Apple’s iPhone has been subject to criticism and controversy by some consumers. The notch is here to stay. It is simply there, damaging the minimalist aesthetics of the product and damaging its functionality, such as covering elements of the user interface and others. But he also has his good things, without him there would be no Face ID.

The most controversial of all, despite all the controversy, is that most Android manufacturers have copied this design and have incorporated a notch into their smartphones. But the thing is starting to change. More and more manufacturers are risking designing phones with a camera embedded or hidden under a large screen that covers their front. Maybe next year is still too early for this to happen with the iPhone, but it is what we all expect.

4. ProMotion display technology

The truth is that Apple’s iPhone has always had excellent screens, every year they are among the best screens on the market. But next year Apple could go one step further, incorporating ProMotion technology. What would this mean? Basically, the iPhone 12 screen would be able to display more images per second with a frequency of up to 120 Hz. It is noteworthy to mention that this technology does not improve the quality of the image, but the fluidity and dynamism of its movement.

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5. 5G connectivity

Apple has arrived very late when it comes to implementing 5G connectivity on its mobile phones. But hopefully, the bite apple company will finally do it in 2020. Apple will use Qualcomm’s 5G technology X55 chips, chips considered the most advanced in its field.