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5G: All the You’ll Have to Exploit 

5G is coming very soon – in fact, in a couple of places, it’s already here. It’s the next generation of mobile networks, following on from 4G/LTE, and it guarantees much higher speeds, lower latency, and progressively reliable connections, so you can peruse, play, stream and download quicker, or in higher quality.


Download speeds could average around 1Gbps or considerably more, ensuring you can download full 4K movies in only minutes and are never again waiting for content to buffer.

A 5G network

The first and most clear thing that you’ll need is access to a 5G network, and this could at first be a major stumbling hindrance for would-be 5G pioneers, as there simply aren’t many of them yet.

In the US you can get 5G on Verizon…however, presently only in Chicago and Minneapolis, and even inside those cities, inclusion isn’t far-reaching. More cities will be getting 5G throughout 2019 and past and we’d anticipate those different US carriers to switch on 5G networks of their own before excessively long – however, right now, your choices are limited.

A 5G network

That is considerably more valid in a great part of the remainder of the world – in the UK, EE goes live on 30 May, Vodafone in July and Three later in the year. As with the US, network inclusion will at first be limited to a bunch of cities, and it’s going to be a similar story in Australia.

A 5G phone

As well as the 5G framework you’re likewise going to require a 5G phone, as by far most of the present phones don’t support 5G.

Heaps of 5G phones have been reported, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, LG V50 ThinQ, Oppo Reno 5G, and ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G, with various more rumored. In any case, depending on what nation you’re in there are either very few or – more likely – none right now accessible.

A 5G phone

In the US you can use the Moto Z3 combined with a 5G Moto Mod, while in South Korea the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G have launched. In the UK only the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G is accessible to purchase, however, that’s stocked by Vodafone, which hasn’t launched its network.

Anyway, in Australia and most different countries, there are at present no 5G phones at all.

Not only do you have to hang tight for them to launch (with the principal such handsets likely to arrive alongside the 5G networks), you’ll need to spend money on one – and as a rule they won’t come shabby, with the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G beginning at 1.39 million South Korean won (roughly $1,220 / £930 / AU$1,720).

A 5G plan 

Alright, so once you have 5G coverage in your area and your hands on a 5G phone, you’re additionally going to require a 5G plan.

By that, we mean an agreement with a network that incorporates 5G. As most networks haven’t yet launched a 5G service we can’t state without any doubt what approach they’ll take, however, most will likely charge more for 5G, instead of offering it as standard.

A 5G plan

That absolutely seems to be the case up until now. Verizon, for instance, expects you to have an Unlimited plan and pay $10 every month additional on top of that for their 5G coverage.

So you’re going to need to be willing to pay more and furthermore be in a situation to change plan – if you’re bolted into a contract effectively, at that point you might have to wait.


With all that – a 5G phone, 5G inclusion, and a 5G plan – you should at long last be ready to take advantage of 5G’s benefits.


You’ll likely have needed to wait a while to accomplish all this and might be feeling a bit unfortunate for it (as well as constrained to where you can use it), yet such is the cost of early adoption – and when you’re getting a charge of blazing fast speeds that your friends can just dream of, perhaps you’ll overlook the hoops you had to jump through.

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