9 Best Free Apps to Watch and Download Movies on Android

How to Download movies on Android? If you’re one of the people who doesn’t want to miss any movie premiere or want to eventually see those movies that everyone talks to you about, nothing like having your mobile or tablet Android, a good app that allows you to watch a good movie at any time. thus, we’ve made a compendium of which are the Stylish Android operations to download free movies. operations that are fully free and that will allow you access to all the movies and series that you want to see.

currently, it’s decreasingly easy to have access to all cinema and series content online and through our smartphones or tablets. Thanks to the operations that we’re going to recommend to you next, you’ll be suitable to download all the movies of the moment so that formerly you download you choose when you see it, indeed when you’re offline.
They’re apps that you can find in a simple way, some belong to sanctioned platforms so we present them to you next. Attentive and you can enjoy the whole movie when you want. These are the Stylish Android apps to download free movies.

Free Apps to Watch and Download Movies on Android/Ios


We started our review of the stylish Android apps to download free movies, by talking about Vuze that may sound like it exists as a alluvion download program, but we’ve to say that it is also available as an operation that is also veritably easy to use with three orders one shows the downloads completed, the alternate shows downloads in progress and the third shows all downloads.

Still, you can simply go to the menu at the top right, also enter “ Add sluice ” and bury the address, If you formerly have the link to the movie you want to download. In this same menu, you’ll have access to download operation( cancel, break or download). You also have the link “ Search inundations ” that will deflect you to Google to search the alluvion lines of other movies you want to download.


aTorrent is a relatively amazing operation if you want to download free movies. First of all, we’ve to fete one thing the stoner interface is as beautiful as it’s intuitive. The dereliction wallpaper is relatively dark( commodity that’s appreciated for those who have AMOLED defenses) and gives us information about the internal memory available on our device, as well as the lading and disburdening speed of the lines with which we’re working.
Unexpectedly, also with a button that allows you to configure the app if you want to use the beta interpretation in which you’ll have access to features similar as “ cover your connection ”, “ hide your IP address ”, “ avoid legal suppression, ” make private downloads ” and “ remove advertisements from the operation. ”

Once you download this app, you’ll see that the menu on the left allows you to have an overview of your downloads( downloads, shipments, completed, active, inactive, all inundations), while the menu on the right gives you access to the options, in particular, we punctuate the one of choosing the brochure where the inundations will be downloaded or choose if you only want to use the operation in WiFi. It’s fully free although it has advertisements. There’s a paid interpretation that avoids advertisements and costs further than three euros.


FrostWire is another of the most popular alluvion operations in the world, so it’s also for downloading free movies. The stylish thing that it has isn’t only that it allows us to download lines, but also if you install it on your device, you’ll have access to a alluvion library directly online, through a hunt box. also you can automatically link to the hunt machines and it’ll be easier to find any title. Of course, you must be careful because some alluvion lines may be altered or not really be what you want, fortunately, you have the option to stop the download at any time and exercise the downloaded.

123movies HD

123Movies used to be one of the most popular websites to stream movies and tv-shows online. It was also known under the names “GoMovies,” “GoStream,” “MeMovies,” and “123movieshub.” The official 123Movies website was taken down in March of 2018, but copies of the site still exist and are accessible through online mirrors. Even so, 123Movies still is a very popular search term according to Google Trends and it shows that these streaming services are still in high demand.

That being said, law-enforcement agencies from around the world have been keeping a close eye on any site or service that allows users to view copyrighted content without paying for it. This raises the questions: are you allowed to stream movies and shows from 123Movies? What do people do to keep themselves safe when using 123Movies?

You can download this application to watch movies via the link below.


Mobdro is another of the stylish Android operations to download free movies and with it, we go to recommend operations created for downloading and viewing movies and not just apps that are part of alluvion train download programs.

In this case, we find a movie download operation that offers seductive features so that we can get any movie snappily and fluently. In addition, it’s able of playing a small HD exercise of the title we named before downloading it so that we know if it’s really the movie we want.
The operation has good credentials because it has been developed in collaboration with the generators of the Sky HD and HD Cinema operations. Once the downloads you’ll see that you have further than twenty orders of movies to choose from and you can see them online or if you prefer, download them.

Apps download movie on android MOBDRO


You don’t need a subscription to watch movies in New Movie HD. You can watch a large number of online premieres, but you can also download free movies on your Android using this operation.

The operation is relatively introductory, but you can download and transmit movies in differentqualities.It’ll be easy to follow a selection of movies because the operation classifies all the titles it contains by stripes and orders. It has pollutants as ‘ the most viewed ’ to grease the hunt and although it isn’t an app with a great design, it’s utmost effective.

Apps download movie on android HD MOVIES


TtubiTv has a standing of4.1, from its druggies in the Google Play Store, so for numerous, it’s the stylish movie operation for Android. In order to run it rightly, your Android phone must have Android ICS( Android4.0.4). It has numerous movie titles that you can watch for free and indeed download them for free.

TubiTv different orders of flicks like drama, action, martial trades movies, stand- up comedy and kung fu. Hollywood movies are also available and titles are constantly streamlined.
This is a movie operation available for Android smartphones that have the capability to be the simplest and fastest to use.

Apps download movie on android Tubi - Movies & TV Shows


Once downloaded to your smartphone or tablet, it allows you to stream HD movies and television shows for free, but you can’t only watch the movies but also download them veritably fluently. In addition, Google chromecast is compatible with this operation, so that you can transmit the videotape on a larger screen for better viewing.

Apps download movie on android Cinema Box


This other app is also one of the stylish Android apps to download moviesand not only movies but you can also find movies, television series and anime occurrences.

Movies and TV series or movies can be set up fluently and of any kind. The language of the flicks can also be filtered to find performances in Spanish. The app isn’t available in the Play Store, but you can download it through APK.

Apps download movie on android Viewster


To finish our review of the stylish Android operations to download free movies we want to recommend Flipps HD which is an Android movie operation that allows you to watch movies on your smartphone. The operation not only allows you to stream movies on your device but also allows you to download them. This is the stylish movie operation for Android available according to its druggies given the wide variety of premieres and its speed when it comes to downloading, although we do have to be apprehensive that the app is French and this is how movies appear, although numerous of them they’re downloaded in their original language( English).

Apps download movie on android Flipps Media Inc.