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A Former Jeopardy Champion Claims HQ Trivia Hardened Him After Winning $20,000

It was in the news that the downloads of the HQ Trivia and Words apps had fallen by 92% during the first six months of this year compared to the same period last year. Small prizes and key outlets are some of the reasons for the surprising drop in interest. Now, a former Jeopardy champion and a professional poker player complains that he has not yet been paid the $20,000 he won last month on HQ Trivia.

A tweet published by Alex Jacob notes that he won $20,000 on June 10 and has yet to receive news on HQ Trivia on how to receive the payment. He says that if he is paid, he will remove the tweet and pay a random follower $100 who retweets his post. Even Jacob is not crazy, he was lucky with his prize. At Jeopardy, he accumulated a small fortune (small by James Holzhauer’s standards) of $ 400,000 and won the Tournament of Champions in 2015. This year he participated in “Jeopardy All-Star Games”.

Alex Jacob tweet

HQ Trivia explains why Jacob has not yet received his money. But it is no secret that the company is faltering and is in decline since the overdose death of co-founder Colin Kroll last December. HQ Trivia plans to start charging $9.99 a month for subscribers who want to play the Word of Wheel of Fortune Word game every day. The company says it paid more than $6 million in prizes and that 99% of players were able to access winnings within 48 hours of winning the game.

“We strive to make a game that is fair and fun for all players. As such, we have a rigorous process of reviewing winners for eligibility to receive cash prizes. Infrequently, we disqualify players for violating HQ‘s Terms of Service and Contest Rules. It may take some eligible winners up to 90 days to receive cash prizes, however, 99% of players have been able to cash out within 48 hours of winning a game and we have paid out a total of $6,252,634.58 USD to winners since launch.” – HQ Trivia

Not Being Able To Pay High-Profile Winners Quickly Is Not A Good Idea For HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia

Unfortunately, Jacob’s problem does not seem to be an isolated problem. HQ Trivia has a history of paying late winners if they were paid. Only 18 months ago, the HQ Trivia attracted 1.6 million competitors for a Sunday contest offering $15,000 in prizes. Now, the game itself is a simple shell of what it once was. Even with an enigmatic host (Scott Rogowsky, who left in April), tons of free publicity and a stir, HQ Trivia failed to find a way to monetize the business. And we can’t imagine that using a subscription model will work better for the company.

The HQ Trivia saga is one that many developers should study. You must attack when everyone has the name of your application in their language. Instead, the company failed to maintain momentum and took its popularity for granted. And when a $ 20,000 winner complains about not having received the payment, the optics don’t look good for the HQ Trivia.

If the company intends to stay in business, which apparently does, not making punctual payments to the winners is not the kind of guarantee that Joe likes to see before deciding whether to invest the time, let alone the money, to play online. Promising game of cash prizes.

(Via: Tech Crunch)

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