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Access Blocked Websites? 10 Working Ways To Bypass Restrictions

It is very annoying to find out that your favorite website is banned or the government is restricting the content more than ever. If you feel the same issue of the blocked websites either in your office or schools than in this article you can find out some of the useful ways that you can apply to access the content of blocked websites. But it is important to note that these restrictions in school or offices have a purpose behind as they are misused by the authorities sometimes.

Whether it’s the over-eager filter that has blocked the content you want to access. There are certain ways that you can use to access the content that you would like.

Why companies and Schools Restrict Internet Access and Block Websites

The Internet is created through millions of different addresses. Our browser converts the address into a series of numbers that are identified by the server where the file is stored. All the institutes or in the professional environment there are certain cites that are blocked by the authorities because they don’t want you to visit for the purpose of reducing distraction, sensor content or conserve bandwidth.

Access Blocked Websites 10 Working Ways to Bypass Restrictions

how to access blocked websites

Check out below the 10 best ways to bypass the censorship to access these blocked websites. These methods include the VPN, DNS hack, proxy websites extensions, and others.

Let’s talk about them now.

1. Use VPN for unblocking

VPN will allow you to make a secure connection to any other network over the internet to access the blocked content and sites from your home network and will hide your IP address as well. with this method, you can easily download the apps, access the blocked websites and unblock sites in your school as well.

VPN is our top recommendation, unlike the simple proxy it will route all of your access to the internet through this connection, rather than the web browser only. There are a number of VPNs available free and paid as well to set up. You will have to download and install the software on your device to set the location where you want to appear from while browsing.

In this technique, VPN work as a tunnel that will convert your data into garbage value which is quite impossible for anyone to recognize. There are various free and cheap VPN services available that you can use for the uninterrupted experience of the internet.

The drawback of VPN is that it can slow down your internet access and speed will depend on the VPN provider. They are a free option that you can go with but with that the services are limited and for the paid VPN prices varies. We recommend you to go for a decent paid service because with paid service you will definitely enjoy better security and privacy.

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1. Become Anonymous: Use Proxy Websites

In a professional work environment, employers put certain limitations by restricting access for some specific websites such as social networking or video streaming. But sometimes you need to access these blocked sites and at that time, proxy websites are a secure method that you can go with. Although unblock proxy is not as secure as a VPN but you can use a VPN if you are very secretive about work. You will find many proxy websites on the web to help you out in making your internet experience unrestricted.

E.g If Facebook is blocked you can access it through the below-mentioned sites by entering the URL to access it.



2. Use IP Rather Than URL

Each website has an IP address of its URL and there might be a chance that the authorities only blocked the URL, not the IP address. In this case, you can easily access the blocked website through the IP address. The important thing here is how to get the IP address of any website and for that, you can do a ping domain(dot)com command in the command prompt. Using IP address is the simplest way to unblock any website but if the URL and IP address both are blocked by the authorities then this method won’t help you at all.

You can try this method if the URL is blocked only and for that, you need to open the CMD and type “ping www.websitename.com” and hit enter. This comment will return the IP address of that website. Now enter this IPM address in your browser’s URL bar to access the blocked websites.

3. Change Network Proxy in Browsers

Your school or college might be using more than one proxy. So, there might be a chance that some websites are only restricted to one proxy but it can be accessed through other. In that case, you can give it a try and to check for the access of blocked websites.

It is not a tough thing to disable the proxy settings on the web browser. You just need to look for the network option or connection option and select the no proxy option or you can use another that provides the unrestricted browsing. For example, in Firefox web browser you can change the settings as:


4. Use Google Translate

Not only institutes, sometimes even don’t ban google translate because it is a tool used for educational purposes and it is not considered as a power to access the blocked websites at offices or schools. But you can bypass the restriction with the help of this tool. This tool will convert the blocked website into any other language. After that try Google Translate tool to see the results. It is an amazing technique yet simple technique that you can use to access the blocked websites.

  • Go to https://translate.google.com/
  • Type the address of the website that you want to access.
  • Select the language other the website’s original one.
  • Click the link of the website on the right box.
  • If the websites take time to load then you need to click on the Go to [website].
  • Click the option to translate and browse the site.

There is another service called Microsoft’s Bing translation that you can also use to bypass the restriction. There are various translation services available that you can consider using it as well.

5. Bypass censorship via Extensions

If the website that you want to access is blocked and is dynamic in nature such as youtube or Facebook then you can use also give a try to this method. There are some extensions that you can use such as ProxMate and Hola to access the blocked websites. UltraSurf is another extension that will let you browse for free with the help of its encrypted proxy network. It is quite powerful to defeat major firewalls such as Lightspeed.

6. URL recasting method

There is a chance that a specific website which is hosted in VPN having no verified SSL installed. For those kinds of websites, you need to go to the address bar of your browser and type https://www.url.com instead of www.url.com or http://www.url.com

This change will probably display a security notice to ignore that and proceed with the Proceed Anyway option to visit the blocked website. This is surely not a foolproof method but you can give it a try.

7. Replace your DNS Server

This method will use the OpenDNS or Google DNS to access the internet. Changing the DNS will ensure privacy while browsing. Because with the default setting the information of every site that you have visited and on every wifi network on which you have connected will be in the ISP.

Google public DNS, a free and global domain name system. Every time you visit any website your computer system will perform a complete DNS lookup to convert the numerical address the web page of the site that you see. It will speed up your browsing experience and improves security as well.

8. Go to Internet Archive — Wayback Machine

There is a service named Wayback Machine that will store the copy of most of the websites on the internet. It also saves the multiple versions of a single website that you can use it to easily access the past versions of that particular website. You can also use it to access the blocked content.

  • In your browser, go to https://archive.org/web/
  • Enter the address of the website in the text field.
  • Click on Browse History and select a calendar day.
  • View the results.

This is an amazing service which not only contains multiple copies of websites but it also has a number of movies, documentaries, games, and eBooks, etc. for you to enjoy.

9. Use IP Anonymizer like TOR

If you know the term dark web you might know about TOR. TOR stands for The Onion Router, it is a web blocker bypass tool to access the internet over TOR network. The main purpose of TOR is to mask the IP address. You can access the blocked websites and remain anonymous as it hides the IP.

It is considered as the most powerful method to access the blocked websites after proxy websites and VPN. It is mainly used as a gateway to access the websites of the dark web which you cannot access through your usual browser. You can also try the deadly combination of VPN and TOR for better computer security and there are many VPNs available such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN that provide the technology of Onion over VPN which offers extra protection.

There is one major drawback with TOR is that it is slow and it is not as secure as people thought of it once especially for those websites who don’t use SSL.

Final Words

There are some other methods as well that you can consider such as RSS feed, HTML to pdf converter, using Firefox from USB drive etc.

That was the guide guys that you can consider to bypass the restriction to access the blocked websites. All methods are quite simple. You just need to find out which method works best for you and for that you need to try all of them. I hope this article helps you to find out the best method to access blocked websites. That’s it and lastly, don’t forget to mention the method in the comment section that you prefer to access the blocked websites.

Enjoy the freedom of Browsing!