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According To Reports, The First Huawei Phone With HongMeng OS Will Be Launched Later This Year

There is so much confusion in Huawei’s position in the list of US customs department entities that nobody knows how to wait next. We all think that on June 29, when US President Donald Trump announced a truce in the US-China trade war, Huawei could access part of its US supply chain. This was not something that we, the media, invented. President Trump himself said the following morning: “U.S. companies can sell their equipment to Huawei. We’re talking about equipment where there’s no great national security problem with it.”

More than a month later, Huawei was unable to purchase supplies from the US. And the president sent a tweet last week indicating that an additional value of $300 billion in Chinese imports will have a 10% import tax. This level of products includes smartphones (such as the iPhone, assembled in China) and other consumer products. So, if Huawei expected to be removed from the Entity List to be used as currency in US-China trade talks, the company could forget about it. By the way, even Huawei as a theory of the trading chip was not created by the media.

“Therefore, it is possible that Huawei is even included in a sort of commercial agreement. If we had made a deal, I could have imagined that Huawei could be included in some way, somewhere in a commercial agreement. ” – Donald Trump

The First Huawei Phone With HongMeng OS Is Expected To Be Released Later This Year

Huawei new OS

Once Google has broken links with the manufacturer, Huawei has no longer had access to the Android version of Google Play services. This is the version with Google Play Store, the main Google applications and security updates. Reportedly, Huawei has worked for years on its replacement Android and, once released by Google, Huawei seemed to implement its plan. First of all, it registered HongMeng name in European markets and it was assumed that this was the name of Huawei’s new operating system. But here also confusion reigns. A couple of weeks ago, a senior vice president of Huawei and a board member named Catherine Chen said that HongMeng was not developed for smartphones and was created for “industrial use” with a focus on security. And this seemed to coincide with another report which states that Huawei was testing a Russian operating system called Aurora. The latter is based on the open-source Sailfish operating system which in turn evolved from MeeGo.

But today, the Chinese Global Times reports that Huawei has tested the HongMeng operating system and will present it during the Huawei developer conference on August 9 in Dongguan. And the same report indicates that the first Huawei phone that will run in HongMeng will be launched during the fourth quarter and will have a price of 2,000 Yuan, equivalent to around $289 USD. However, the first Huawei devices to use HongMeng should be the Smart TV Honor line that will be launched on August 10th.

The Huawei operating system, like the Fuschia operating system currently developed by Google as a possible sequel to Android, uses a microkernel. This will presumably facilitate the execution of AI functions and allow HongMeng to be used on multiple platforms. Huawei will try to have as many developers as possible to write applications for the new operating system.

Since it was announced in February, the Huawei Mate X will use Android when it is launched next month. Any model developed after May 16, when Huawei was included in the entity list, cannot use the Google Play version of Android. And this seems to include the Huawei Mate 30 line, which may not be announced until the fourth quarter of the year.

(Via: Global Times)

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