According To Samsung, There Is Only One Solution For Verizon Galaxy S10 Units Blocked Since The Last Update

Based on shipments, Samsung is not the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world. And the three phones that the company presented earlier this year, the Galaxy S10e, the Galaxy S10, and the Galaxy S10 + are examples of Sammy’s experience in making high-end phones. But few Galaxy S10 owners found themselves in a difficult situation after installing the latest software update; They could not unlock their device. A number of owners of the Galaxy S10 have published their sad story in the Samsung community forum. A poster complained that after updating his phone, he asked him to enter a password even if he never set up his phone to accept one. Not entering the non-existent password prevents you from unlocking the phone.

Verizon Galaxy S10

This was quite far from an isolated incident, although the problem seems to affect only Verizon subscribers. A Galaxy S10 owner who installed Verizon’s latest update had a similar experience. “Not sure how to proceed, I type in my PIN, the screen turns black and it goes back to the lock screen,” this is what he wrote to Reddit.

A Samsung Service Ambassador stated that a factory reset is the only way to solve the problem. A post, presumably from a Verizon representative, suggested writing incorrect passwords until this action forced the phone to be reset the factory. Another method is to start the phone in recovery mode to activate a factory data reset. Some took the Galaxy S10 to the nearest Verizon store and had it reset. But as you can imagine, not many Galaxy S10 owners are satisfied with the idea of ​​performing a factory reset on their phone.

Factory Reset Is The Only Solution, Samsung Admits

A poster in the Samsung forum put the blame directly on the manufacturer. He wrote. “Absolute Incompetence by Samsung. This isn’t a simple glitch, Samsung removed the ability to remote unlock using ‘find my mobile’ and then releases a security update that changes some users Password/ PIN. This is a sad excuse for a solution and Samsung needs to correctly address this via a Password bypass remote unlock via tech support.”

When a Samsung moderator joined the conversation, he said that the usual things about the problem are intensifying with the specialists, but he admitted that at the moment the factory reset is the only possible option. And if you haven’t backed up all the data on your phone, it means starting from scratch and losing all those important photos you’ve taken.

The software update that apparently sparked this mess is Android’s June security update and although the Verizon Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 + brand are concerned, it appears to be the first object of most of the post. If we can eliminate a positive thing from this incident, we will probably see more people backing up information on their phones in case something similar happens again in the future.

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