AirPods 2 Vs Powerbeats Pro: What Are the Differences?

Apple has announced the Powerbeats Pro through its Beats band, and the world has the same obvious question. Should they go for the Powerbeats Pro or the AirPods 2?

apple airpods vs powerbeats pro

This is obviously not an easy question to answer and there are few reasons behind it. While it is true that Powerbeats Pro offers the same connectivity hotness that the H1 chip affords, and the functionality of “Hey Siri” is also intact, there are some other considerations to make and the price is one of them. Powerbeats Pro costs $249 when they go on sale, while AirPods 2 cost $199 at most, and less if you go the Wireless Charging Case.

Other than price, there are some things that need to keep in mind. First, Powerbeats Pro is available in four different colors, whereas you can have the AirPods 2 in any color you want, so long as it’s white. AirPods 2 have the above-mentioned Wireless Charging Case in their arsenal, but the Powerbeats Pro does not.

Battery life is quite better on the Powerbeats Pro which is up to 9 hours, whereas the AirPods 2 only offer 5 hours.

AirPods are quite difficult for some people to keep in their ears, but there are hooks in Powerbeats Pro to keep them in place and the best thing is they are water and sweat resistant that you can easily use while exercising as well. Adding in noise isolation, the Powerbeats Pro is quite compelling indeed.

Although the buying decision is completely up to you. In a perfect world, you can own both the AirPods 2 and Powerbeats Pro may be the way to go, but as for the prices, this option will not be viable for most people.

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