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Amazon 5G: Everything You Need to Know

Amazon is referred to for its place as the biggest online retailer on the planet, yet over the years the company has been putting into different areas of interest, the most recent of which is said to be 5G technology.

Amazon 5G

5G is viewed as the future of the tech industry and given Amazon’s job in this industry, it’s nothing unexpected that stories of Amazon 5G are likewise popping up. What is fascinating, however, is the reason a giant online retailer like Amazon would need to be part of the 5G story that is dominatingly a telecommunications thing. Be that it may, we’ll discover at some point soon.

All things considered, let’s check out the stories doing rounds about Amazon 5G and the capability of joining the future telecommunications industry.

Amazon and Boost Mobile

Stories of Amazon 5G began appearing after reports rose that Amazon could buy Boost Mobile from T-Mobile and Sprint to form a 4th carrier that is expected to see through the much-discussion-about merger between the latter two.

The facts that Amazon purchasing Boost Mobile would enable the retailer to use New T-Mobiles wireless network for 6+ years just as get any wireless spectrum that could be divested are said to assume a major role in Amazons wants to join the telecommunications industry.

Boost is said to have about 8 million dynamic users, which could be an extraordinary starting point for Amazon 5G. Clearly, Amazon will have to pay about $3 billion for this, in spite of the fact that the figure could rise to $4.5 billion including wireless spectrum.

Amazon phone calling experience

Amazon began selling books and has since developed into a one-stop shop for all your shopping needs. The company is likewise known for not shying far from trying out new ventures – efforts that have driven it to offer phone calls through its Echo Connect.


Here, Echo Connect uses your home phone service to permit smart voice speakers that use Alexa to place phone calls. This implies the retailer has been building experience as of now, with the obtaining of a wireless network probably the last piece in the riddle.

Amazon cloud services

Amazon drives the way when it comes to giving cloud services. The company’s AWS branch could profit by exploiting the cutting edge 5G network that analysts anticipate will transform major technological aspects in the future.


What preferable method of doing this than taking on carriers like Verizon through a channel that will likewise take it a giant step in front of rival cloud providers like Microsoft?

5G-enabled Amazon devices

Amazon has a wide range of gadgets already selling in the market and obviously, it’s required to come in with 5G-enabled devices in the future. At the point When these devices arrive, Amazon wants them to associate to its cloud where data is stored and if that it likewise controls wireless network, customers will probably buy a complete package of 5G gadgets from one place and vendor

Analyst Colby Synesael believes the thought behind Amazon getting Boost Mobile is that “it expects 5G to be essential to cloud services later on for industries like healthcare and autos, which will use 5G-enabled devices.”

Amazon 5G rumors are likewise appearing at a time when Amazon in May 2019 uncovered plans to set up in excess of 3000 satellites that will give internet access to rural places all over the world.

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It isn’t the first time that Amazon would be attempting something comparable. Over 10 years ago, the retailer launched the first Kindle perusing device that let users associates to the company’s Whispernet 3G wireless service and download books over the air.

In 2014, the Fire Phone was revealed to take on the iPhone, yet we all know how that turned out. Whatever Amazon 5G is as yet a puzzle for now, yet we’ll certainly get new details about it in the coming weeks.